How To Make A Christmas Martini Upside Down Santa Hat

Looking for a fun drink to share with family and friends for the holiday? Check out this Christmas Tini also known as the Upside Down Santa Hat… cute, right?


Here’s What You’ll Need:

A Drink Shaker

White Sugar




Ice cubes


Step 1:

Put 4 – 5 ice cubes into your shaker


Step 2:

Add 1 deciliter (3.381 Floz.) of Vodka to your shaker.


Step 3:

Add 1/2 deciliter (1.691 Floz.) of Grenadine to your shaker.


Step 4:

Cover shaker with lid well and shake it all about, like the hokey pokey, lol


Step 5:

Pour water in a plate


Step 6:

Turn your Martini glass upside down and dip the rim in the water

Step 7:

Next dip the upside down glass into some sugar to get the rim coated.


Step 8:

Pour your shaker mix into the glass and then top it off with some Sprite or lemon/lime soda

Holiday Cocktail Christmas Martini
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Step 9:

ENJOY!!! Have a wonderful holiday and please drink responsibly 🙂

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