How To Have A Functional Wardrobe

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Step 1: The Perfect Ten

The perfect ten consist of the staples in your wardrobe that you can mix and match and wear almost anywhere. These include: a classic suit, a white, cotton dress shirt, a pair of plain black pumps, the perfect pair of jeans, a little black dress, t-shirts, a pair of sneakers, a trench or all-weather coat, khaki or chino pants and a high quality sweater. All of these items can be found in a variety of styles, so make sure you choose the style that fits your body type best. Go to to learn more about what looks best on you. You can achieve quite a few different looks with these staple items in your closet. Here are some examples: a trench coat with jeans and sneakers, a sweater with khakis and sneakers, a white dress shirt with jeans and black pumps and a t-shirt with suit pants and black pumps.

Step 2: Branching Out

A great way to branch out from your basic wardrobe is to accessorize. It’s the easiest way to look trendy and you can change the entire look of an outfit for very little money. Here are some additional pieces you can add to your closet to help create a functional wardrobe: another classic suit in a neutral color, like grey or brown, a cardigan, a good pair of black or brown leather boots, a jean jacket (or if your more formal, a casual blazer), another pair of great fitting jeans, a knee length skirt and a pair of sexy strappy heels. You can also get a few trendy pieces that look great on your body type. The way it looks and feels on your body is much more important than what’s hot and what’s not.

Step 3: Achieving Balance

A good rule to live by is to have at least two tops to every pair of pants in your closet. This is because you can wear pants more times than tops over a specific period of time. After you have the staples and have branched out a little bit, you can begin buying multiple quantities of an item if it’s something you wear a lot or is hard to find. You should always follow the 70/30 rule. This rule says that 70% of your wardrobe should consist of staples. The other 30% of your wardrobe can be fun, trendy items that are hot right now but will probably fade out in a couple of months. Don’t spend a lot of money of the trendy stuff; these are definitely items that you won’t be able to wear consistently.


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