Cutting The Cost On Your Utility Bills

What are utility bills? An average utility bill is composed of different components. Today we will be talking about how to understand the breakdown of the bills and actually save money by cutting down consumption on areas that we can afford to. Who would want to sacrifice the absence of a cold breeze that an air conditioner can bring into the middle of a summer month? Even the absence of a heater on a cold winter evening is completely out of the question. Thus, this article has come up with ways for people to save up with their utility bills and at the same time not giving up their daily needs.

Cutting The Cost On Your Utility Bills
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Breakdown of an Average Bill

  • Other Costs – This is something that most people are left in the gray area with. There are just about 4-5% of these miscellaneous fees that we get from a utility bill. These would be costs from the meter installation and gas storage.
  • Environmental Costs – Because the world is slowly deteriorating from the use of modern day power sources, people are obliged to pay for the environmental projects that the government wants to have.
  • Value Added Tax – People think that they need not pay the full amount of VAT. Yes, that is true, but still it would be a huge 5% of your total utility bill.
  • Transportation Charges – This falls down to people that have gas pipes directly installed from a gas network. The maintenance of such networks needs to be paid in order to experience a safe transportation.
  • Distribution – People need to pay the cost of maintaining power lines and gas pipes.
  • Profit – Now the rest of the bill goes to the utility company.

Cutting down the Cost

  • Temperature Control – A large chunk of your utility bill falls under the heating and temperature control. Making sure that you turn down your thermostat a notch down can save you a huge amount on an annual basis.
  • Insulation – Most heating and temperature control problems are caused by poor house-designs. Investing in house materials, which have proper insulation, can greatly cut down the cost by the minimal use of the air conditioner or the heater.
  • Dishwasher – Common household equipment that is used virtually in most houses today. Dishwashers are energy-consuming equipment that can easily turn your bill up. Try to use the washer only when it is full, and always go for a full load before washing anything. This will cut down the times that you use the washer, and would save money on the bill.
  • Dryers – After washing your clothes, you can dry them outside of your house using the sun or natural breeze. It does not cost anything on your electric bill and would definitely save on you cash.
  • Electronics – Do not leave computers and any other electronics plugged in when not used. Unnecessary plugged in electronics cannot only be harmful to your bill but are a fire hazard as well.
  • Lighting – The use of energy efficient bulbs can increase your savings on the utility bill.

Aside from following a strict rule in lessening the consumption of energy, a good household also prevents any problems from happening. Floodwaters can also be a huge problem when it comes to home and bill improvement strategies. Knowing the proper GENI Stormwater Management or GENI SWPPP, can easily save money in the long run and will eliminate the use of energy as well.

Jeff is an energy efficiency specialist who always finds the best ways for people to save money in and around their homes.

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