Online Learning: The Wave of the Future

It’s really no surprise that online learning is taking the world by storm. In this technological age when everyone is connected through social media, it is only natural that students of all ages are opting to take advantage of educational opportunities via the computer as well. It’s not a new concept. In the past, it was referred to as long distance learning. Back in the 1800’s, students were branching out into alternative modes of education through correspondence classes, using the mail to acquire course materials and submit their work. Radio courses and classes delivered over the television came next, finally making the leap to the Internet.

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Why Choose an Online Education?

There are many benefits that come from online classes. Students have more flexibility. They are not restricted to a particular location or set schedule. They can do their course work at their convenience, allowing their studies to revolve around other obligations, such as work and family. It is also much less expensive to pursue studies online, rather than going to a traditional campus.

Online Courses Mean More Choices

Students of today can tap into a host of classes simply by clicking away at the keys on their computer. They no longer need to choose what is available in the local university or community college. They can participate in a class that is being held on the other side of the country. Universities across the world are offering more online classes to fulfill a growing need.

What are Disadvantages to Online Learning?

Many students want the personal interaction that comes with attending classes on campus. In addition, there are certain courses that do not seem as practical in an online setting. For example, languages and childcare need one-on-one interaction with an instructor for the best experience. Online classes also require a great amount of discipline. A person needs to be driven and stick with the program, even when many distractions at home would make it easy to put off doing the required work. When attending a normal class, there is the understanding that deadlines must be met and the instructor will hold students accountable.

Source: Nonprofit Colleges Online

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