Shop for Men’s Apparel Online: A Great Way to Save Money and Buy Cool Clothes

Who said flaunting super glam bling is only limited to ladies? To shoot up their desirability quotient a lot of young guys are sporting various kinds of apparel and accessories that were once limited to girls. Earlier men shied away from wearing studs, hair band as it was considered feminine trait. But trends have changed and men too want to look their best. If a piece of jewelry can enhance their look, they love trying it out.


Today’s young generation is highly fashion conscious and is willing to experiment with their looks. Influence of Bollywood movies has increased trend to adopt the latest style. Wearing jewelry with men’s apparel is a hot trend for men now-a-days. And there is no dearth of cool accessories and apparels for men available online to choose from. Attractive designer rings, studs, cufflinks, tie pins, chains, pendants, bracelets and broaches that come in gold and silver and are embellished with precious and semi-precious stones are much in vogue that online retailers are offering. Diamonds and coloured stones are also a rage among youngsters now.

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The most popular ones are moonstone, black onyx and chalcedony. For a funky look, wearing diamond studs and chains and for a more mature, subtle elegance, choose from tie pins, cuff links, bracelets and collar pins are high in demand. In traditional dresses like sherwani, kalangi, Kurtz buttons are good to wear.


Other accessories to flaunt are money clippers and cigarette lighters. In today’s world when each profession is entering into specialisation, apparel market too has gone to an extreme end. Market is offering customised apparel that suit the need of situation and occasion.

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Fashion industry is being propelled by men and is the fastest growing segment of e-commerce. Men who had to live with department stores designed primarily for women are flocking to online retail shops that push convenience and a fast shopping experience.


According to a recent study that track global retail apparel industry, local cultures and practices, almost half of the retail apparel consumers in India are now shopping online for better deals and variety of products. A report suggests that the rising affluent Indian consumer spends more and in distinct pattern as compared to his Asian counterparts. 40% consumers in India look towards Bollywood and celebrities for purchase decisions while 25% continue to buy unbranded traditional clothes, 70% more than the Chinese but less than the Malaysians.


With things going digital, the way business happens has seen a tremendous change. As the buyer becomes more informed and the companies have got the touch points to interact with customers and are providing them customised experience with the required changes.


As per the industry trends witnessed by leading market research companies, the Indian men’s apparel industry is grew at a CAGR of 14.86% from 2008 to 2010, which gives insight into the expanding men’s apparel industry in India. It also indicate hidden opportunities, challenges and drivers critical to the success of men apparel industry.


The Indian textile and apparel market size in 2011 was estimated to be Rs 2,73,000 crores and is projected to grow at per cent CAGR to Rs 6,64,000 crores ($141 billion) by 2021. Although dominated by men’s wear, India’s domestic market would see a growing share of women’s and kids’ wear over the decade. Men’s share in the basket would drop to 40 per cent from 43 per cent. Some sectors like denim, women’s western wear will grow faster than others. The growth will be fuelled by growing population.


Shopping online has its advantage. Sit with your laptop and you get connected to leading apparel outlets that are ready to serve customers without any middlemen. The sudden spurt of online shops selling all kinds of brands at a single platform has changed the meaning of shopping altogether. It has given option to compare and buy the best in the market. Above all, as online retailing is in nascent stage, it is doling out special discounts and schemes that are hard to find in brick and mortar shops. Online apparel stores have variety of products that can arouse your interest on various other products that can make stand apart from others. Online shopping can help you find out exclusive range of products at unbelievable price and the prices that suits your budget. Buying products online is convenient, safe and secure and it has proved its worth from the rising popularity of the concept among the people doing shopping through internet. In such situations online shopping can be a good option to choose from. Online shopping can save you a lot of your hard earned money and make your shopping experience amazing.


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