The NEW IKEA Marketplace Is Here: Check Out Our Tour Of IKEA Atlanta

The other day I had the pleasure of attending a tour of the NEW IKEA Marketplace. Thanks to the lovely team at IKEA Atlanta, we are able to share some of the wonderful things we learned and saw. I’ve always been a big fan of IKEA, but often wondered if their shopping process could be made just a bit easier to navigate… after taking this tour it sounds like IKEA has been paying attention to those suggestion boxes!

What I love about the “IKEA experience” is that you can take a family trip to the store; have breakfast, lunch or dinner, shop and truly visualize what you’re buying because of how things are displayed. In addition, IKEA is a sustainable company; more than 2/3 of IKEA’s cotton comes from more sustainable sources and over 550,000 solar panels are now installed on IKEA buildings worldwide. How can you not love a company that considers their consumers shopping experience, budget AND works to take care of the planet?

IKEA has also worked to add more inventory that will make this more of a one stop shop experience. They now offer bedding sets, fabric for your many DIY projects, plate sets, LED lights, etc. All I can say is by the end of the tour I wanted to spend all the money in my purse! LOL

Check out some footage from the tour below,

as well as some pics we took from the NEW IKEA Marketplace!

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