Celebrities Who Are Bringing Temporary Tattoos Into Fashion

Remember those temporary tattoos you used to wear as a kid? The ones you’d get for free in packs of gum, where you’d peel the adhesive layer off, slap it on your arm, rub vigorously, and peel back to reveal a glittery butterfly or a picture of the latest Disney Princess? Then you’d walk around feeling all grown-up and cool, up until it started to flake away and leave an unrecognizable smear. Well, it would seem that they are making a comeback as the latest 90’s resurgence after several celebrities have been seen bringing temporary tattoos back into fashion.

Certainly, there are many perks into using them over more traditional ink-and-needle based tattoos.


The main problem with permanent tattoos is that they are just that – permanent. While they may seem a good idea at first, there may come a point where you realise tattooing a flaming unicorn or the name of a now-ex-boyfriend probably wasn’t a very good idea. Worse, there’s always the chance that the tattooist will make a mistake with your tattoo that you’d then be stuck with. Nothing could be worse! Especially when you have to deal with the chances of sore skin afterwards, possible discolouration of the skin, or even infection from improperly cleaned needles. It does not help that they are very expensive to get in the first place, and removing them even more so.

So with these flaws kept firmly in mind, it is not surprising that celebrities are looking at alternatives to tattoos as a way to express themselves and accessorize, without leaving permanent blemishes on their skin.



Very recently R&B singer Beyoncé has been posting pictures onto Twitter showing off her brand new flash transfers just a few days before Fashion Week, while on a vacation in Italy. Showcasing a stylishly stylised series of gold and black triangles arranged into a diamond shape on the back of her hand, it highlights just how easy and painless, and above all trendy, temporary tattoos can be when used correctly.

Another photo depicted Beyonce posing on a yacht, and showing off in full her array of Egyptian-styled transferable tattoos made up to imitate golden jewellery, as well as more obscure designs such as crescent moons, unfurled wings and peacock feathers. These transfers in particular have a metallic sheen to the gold, something ink-based tattoos would be incapable of achieving themselves. Tattoos like these are readily available on the open market through websites like www.blingtattoos.com.


Other Celebrities:

Katie Holmes, likewise, has recently been seen sporting some temporary tattoos of her own, showing off a series of metallic transfers while attending an Old Navy + Joe Zee party.

Temporary tattoos have also been seen coming back into fashion on the catwalk, as numerous models and fashion icons, including Kendell Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio and Vanessa Hudgens. All have been seen out in public and during shows with temporary tattoos on in full display, and why is not hard to figure out. As well as being painless, transferable tattoos are also highly versatile. It is easy to apply one quickly when you need to just before a show or party, and when you are done it is just a matter of peeling or washing it off afterwards. As such, they are the perfect way to accessories cheaply, or to quickly add something to accompany a new outfit.



With such tattoos coming back into fashion, driven by their apparent popularity with celebrities, it is becoming easier and easier to find them online.

So it seems history does work in circles after all. Relive the sophistication as you saw it as a child, and slap yourself up with incredibly fashionable temporary tattoos.

The writer, Christian Mills, is an experienced fashion blogger and freelance writer who keeps his eyes open for the latest trends and fashion. If you wish to learn more about Christian you can visit on Google+.


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