Thank Dad With A Gift He Can Truly Appreciate: It’s Grilling Time!

A special thanks to Kenmore Elite Grills for sponsoring this post and giving us a chance to thank our dads!

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It’s summer time and definitely time to pull those grills out!  But, as we know Father’s day is right around the corner and your dad is probably being all nonchalant about what he really wants… you how men are ;). Why not get him a gift he can truly appreciate and use?

When it comes to grilling we know men love to get that primal feeling of handling raw meat, lol. There’s just something that takes over them and a sense of pride that they get from grilling a tasty burger, kabobs, etc.  Since we know how much they love it, we can only imagine how important it is to have the right tools and ultimate grill!  When I got the chance to do this post about Kenmore Elite Grills, I knew it was the perfect tie in for an Father’s Day gift! With Kenmore being the most awarded brand in it’s industry, why would you want to go with anything else?  Let’s check out a few features that dads are sure to love!

With it’s larger cooking surface and more burners the Kenmore Elite Grill is great for grilling at big parties, family gatherings or summer events. It provides plenty of room AND the right amount of heat for every dish to giving you just-right results. In addition, it packs a lot of power with higher BTUs. Food is a major part of our lives, parties, etc it would be a shame to use anything that wouldn’t give you the quality results that dads are looking for.

So.. If your dad is grilling on something like this…

or stuck making juicy chops like this

It’s time for a grilling upgrade!

Check out these great recipes from Kenmore, we happen to love the Lager Braised Brats and  Badass Spare Ribs. OR if you’re looking for some great grilling tips from Kenmore check it out.

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Share Your Best Grilling Tips or Favorite Grilling Recipe!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kenmore Elite Grills.

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