5 Way To Rise Above In Your Life After 25: + Our EVERYBODY RISE & Bauble Bar GC #Giveaway!

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This thing called life is a never-ending learning process.  I always like to believe there are no real mistakes only lessons learned, and if you don’t learn… life has a way of taking you through the same things until you get it lol. When I read about EVERYBODY RISE by Stephanie Clifford, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss ways I’ve learned to Rise Above in My Life After 25 and hopefully get some great additions from you all. We’re also giving you a chance to win an EVERYBODY RISE prize pack which includes a $50 Bauble Bar gift card for all you fashionistas out there!

5 Way To Rise Above In Your Life After 25: + Our  EVERYBODY RISE & Bauble Bar GC Giveaway!
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Before I get into my list, here’s a brief summary About EVERYBODY RISE: The book takes place in 2006 in the Manhattan of the young and glamorous. Money and class are colliding in a city that is about to go over a financial precipice and take much of the country with it. At 26, bright, funny and socially anxious Evelyn Beegan is determined to carve her own path in life and free herself from the influence of her social-climbing mother, who propelled her through prep school and onto the Upper East Side. Evelyn has long felt like an outsider to her privileged peers, but when she gets a job at a social network aimed at the elite, she’s forced to embrace them.

Recruiting new members for the site, Evelyn steps into a promised land of Adirondack camps, Newport cottages and Southampton clubs thick with socialites and Wall Streeters. Despite herself, Evelyn finds the lure of belonging intoxicating, and starts trying to pass as old money herself. When her father, a crusading class-action lawyer, is indicted for bribery, Evelyn must contend with her own family’s downfall as she keeps up appearances in her new life, grasping with increasing desperation as the ground underneath her begins to give way.

EVERYBODY RISE by Stephanie Clifford is in stores August 18, 2015

Sounds like a great read, right? Thinking about Evelyn’s journey and need to live for others… I was inspired by this list.

5 Way To Rise Above In Your Life After 25

1. Life is not out to get you… sometimes bad things will happen and sometimes good things will happen but you have to Enjoy your good moments and brace yourself for the lows. It’s a wave… so ride it!

2. “So often we are praying for a miracle. We have to realize that we can become someone’s miracle.” – Joel Olsteen.  I love this quote because it’s a good reminder to just be good to each other.

3. “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.” ― Audre Lorde.  This quote is a reminder that it’s ok to just be ME… but you should know who you are for yourself first.

4. I always thought eating healthy and getting more sleep and exercise just sounded like one big sound bite but as I’ve transitioned into My Life After 25, I realize the importance of all 3 for just maintaining overall balance in my life and health.

5. Plan for the future but don’t for get to live for today.  I’m a huge planner but sometimes we can get stuck in that rut of planning so much that we don’t really get a chance to enjoy what happening in the now.  Life is all about balance.

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STEPHANIE CLIFFORD is a Loeb-award winning New York Times reporter who has covered business, media and courts for the paper. She grew up in Seattle and graduated from Exeter and Harvard. As she covered the financial crisis’s impact on consumers, she observed that large-scale new wealth hasn’t done away with class hierarchy in the U.S.-it’s increased anxiety over it. Clifford is also a regular guest on NPR and has appeared on Today, CBS This Morning and Dr. Oz.


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