A Day In The Life Of A Hair Color Specialist

Thinking of pursuing a future as a hair color specialist? This specialization can help you build a loyal customer base and may provide an excellent outlet for you to pursue a career passion.

But what can you expect while working as a hair color specialist? Here are some things to expect and consider when working in this field.

A Day In The Life Of A Hair Color Specialist
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A day in the life of a hair color specialist is filled with consultations, color applications and, of course, fun.

Consulting with Customers

As a hair color specialist, you won’t just be coloring the hair of your clients. Your role will also regularly include consultations with clients to help them find the hair color that they desire. Some consultations may include guiding customers away from ill-advised color choices. Other times you may consult clients on whether highlights or a full color is the right option for them.

Your relationship with clients will likely also include providing hair care tips, product selection suggestions and more. By consulting with clients and helping guide them toward the best decisions, you’ll become a trusted professional and one with a strong customer base.

Using Coloring Techniques

A major part of your day-to-day work as a hair color specialist will naturally include the actual coloring of people’s hair. This portion of your job will involve finding the best hair color for each client, mixing the colors and applying the colors to the hair of your clients.

As a hair color specialist, you can expect to be on your feet several hours each day. The task of applying hair color also requires arm and hand strength, something that you’ll continually build in this line of work. You’ll also need to be knowledgeable about the techniques involved with each type of hair coloring, from highlights to full colors and beyond.

Entering Competitions

As your skills as a hair color specialist expand, you may decide to enter competitions. Depending on where you live, local competitions may be available, or you may choose to enter national competitions. Entering hair coloring competitions can help build your list of professional credentials, which looks great on a resume and is also great collateral to display in your workplace for clients to view.

Working in a Salon

The working environment you can expect as a hair color specialist will depend on if you decide to work in a salon or open your own business. According to Cosmetology License Spotlight: Hair Color Specialist, if you decide to work in a salon, you’ll likely have your own workstation and will work with a variety of other professionals including cosmetologists, nail technicians and more. If you hope to open your own business, you’ll need to be prepared for the many responsibilities that come along with business ownership including managing the finances, hiring staff, marketing and more.

Many things frequently influence a day in the life of a hair color specialist. But, when working in this field, you can typically expect to help customers find the best hair tones, use the latest coloring techniques and more. You may also decide to enter hair coloring competitions as you gain experience in this field.

Shayla Ebsen is a freelance writer and editor with more than ten years of professional writing experience both in the corporate and freelance settings. Learn more about Shayla here.

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