4 Great Home Improvements You Can Make This Year!

Any homeowner who is optimistically expecting their home energy costs to fall anytime soon, is likely to be pretty disappointed and also in for a long wait.

Dwindling fossil fuel and other global resources combined with a rising worldwide population, has prompted a greater awareness that we all have to try and do something to improve our green credentials.

The fact that you can make improvements to your property and actually save on your your bills by going green has to be considered a win-win situation, which is why this infographic that highlights 4 home improvements you can make, is an interesting pointer to what you can do towards greater energy efficiency.

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infographic by avant.com

One of the easiest changes you can make in your home is to upgrade your lights and switch to LED lights.

Lighting your home using these new-generation LED lights is a bit of a no-brainer when you look at the benefits. Cost savings will be instant with an LED light as they more energy-efficient with much lower heat emission compared to the old-fashioned bulbs that are now looking very a relic of the past.

The problem that many of us have with these new LED lights available, is that they cost more to buy than a traditional bulb, but the point to remember is that bulb life is much longer and should give you 25,000 hours of lighting for your money.

All things considered, it is reckoned that you get your investment in LED lights back in just over 24 months and all of those small savings on your energy bills will add up over time as well.

There are a number of different energy-saving initiatives to consider and the chance to save some money and also do your bit to save the planet, is an opportunity that none of us can really afford to pass up.

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