Women’s World: 4 Most Successful Enterprises Headed by Women

Most of us like to think the notion that only certain types of work or positions are meant for men, has been abandoned. These days, women have stood up and taken what they have long been denied in the workforce, and prove they do it even better than men in many instances. While we all know the challenges female entrepreneurs go through, several have risen to the occasion, and turned those challenges to their advantage. Some of the most renowned enterprises headed by women are below.

Women's World: 4 Most Successful Enterprises Headed by Women
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Cher Wang
With an estimated worth of 6.8 billion dollars, Cher Wang is so far considered the world’s most successful female entrepreneur. Unlike others, she was born and brought up in a humble family. She worked up the ladder from manufacturing cell phones for other people, to setting up her android phone company HTC. As of the year 2010, her firm was already taking the market by storm, registering up to 20% of Smartphone market globally. She has never worked in any big business to gain her wealth, rather, started small and gradually rose beyond the tides.

Oprah Winfrey
Against all odds, the illegitimate daughter of a Mississippi sharecropper rose against racism, sexual abuse, and parental neglect, to become one of the most influential women entrepreneurs and sought after woman in the entertainment industry. Born 1954 she is currently the queen pin in daytime television shows. Her success is highly attributed to her production company, Harpo Productions Inc. Founded in 1986 by Oprah Winfrey, it is among many television programs on topics women love to watch. She has hosted very influential people on her show including President Barrack Obama, who has appeared twice. Her fame is here to stay, as she is known to donate millions of dollars to charity continually, to help make the word a better place.

Idrah Nooyi
If you have heard of the infamous Pepsi Co Food and Drinks Company, then you know her. She is currently the CEO of the world’s second largest food and beverage company. She has not only lived the dreams of an Indian woman entrepreneur, but also defied the rules that state that Math and Sciences are meant for men, as she has exemplary performed well in academics, specifically having degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. She is also a holder of Master’s Degree in Private and Public Management. Before being the CEO and chairperson of this second largest company in the world, Idrah Nooyi has proven herself position as executive manager in various big enterprises.

Sarah Blakely
Two words to best describe her are, wonder woman. This lady had a history of selling fax machines door to door, but Sarah is now the founder and CEO of the world’s leading undergarment company, Spanx. All this fortune came her way after abandoning her dream of becoming a lawyer and marketing a unique product she knew would succeed. Her success is only continuing to grow, and we expect to see more come out of this new entrepreneur.
Going forward, using the advantages that women have at their disposal will see a steady increase of women enterprises. Using collaboration skills and connections, women can build bridges and network in circles of both genders. They can engage in business or company partnerships and relations to realize growth in their enterprises.

Entrepreneurs have to draw from their own knowledge and it is important to note that even the largest companies have used similar techniques and collaborations to grow and reach where they are now. Women trying to get ahead should make use of what they have and the new technologies available like Employee Onboarding software options as well as accounting and financial programs that streamline and shortcut companies to the top. With the right tools, women are finding ways to reach new heights in business.

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