Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Amazing Ways Today’s Workforce Is Living A Great Life After 25

A special thanks to Kronos for sponsoring this post and allowing us to share with you amazing stories about everyday heroes.

People often ask me why I started Your Life After 25.  The answer is because I saw so many amazing people around me who thought their lives were over because they weren’t where society, family, etc said they should be by a certain again.  I found that many women went through a quarter life crisis of some sort at 25 and men usually went through their life “re-evaluation” at 30.  We hear so many stories of amazing people doing extraordinary things but the truth is life is full of heroes that are inspiring others in their own way. Not all heroes wear capes or get the recognition they deserve, and not all heroes even want to be recognized for their work.  I started Your Life After 25 in hopes of inspiring others to life their own extraordinary version of their life after 25. Recently I came across the Kronos American Worker 1 in one hundred million web series and I knew I had to share it with you all.

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The series currently has 18 episodes where Kronos has covered interesting people in the workforce and allows them to share their stories. There are stories from all walks of life, starting with a Firefighter up to episode 18 about Dana Sue Kimbal, Miner & Environmental Manager, Coeur Rochester Mine (Nevada Mining Association) . Check out the episode guide below.
Ep: 1 – Firefighter
Ep: 2 – Trauma Nurse
Ep: 3 – Produce Manager at grocery store
Ep: 4 – Union Electrician
Ep: 5 – Hotel Front Desk Agent
Ep: 6 – Restaurant Server
Ep: 7 – Teacher
Ep: 8 – Baseball Bat Maker, was MLB pitcher
Ep: 9 – Major in National Guard, works security for major events
Ep: 10 – Justina Pratt: Safe Start Swimming Instructor at the YMCA, Lake Nona, FL
Ep: 11 – Royce / Alligator Wrangler
Ep: 12 – Shannon NeSmith / Truck Driver
Ep: 13 – Zach Feary Stern Pinball, Chicago
Ep: 14 – Jenny Theuman, Zookeeper
Ep: 15 – Mike Perez, Sous Chef, Hearty Boy Catering, Chicago
Ep: 16 – Jennifer Miller, Retail Sales Associate MJ Christensen Diamonds
Ep: 17 – Tracer Finn, Assistant Head of Lighting, Le Reve – The Dream (The Wynn, Las Vegas)
Ep: 18 – Dana Sue Kimbal, Miner & Environmental Manager, Coeur Rochester Mine (Nevada Mining Association)

Dana works at the most impressive site that mines primarily silver, but also some gold. They’ve produced 144 million ounces of silver since the operation opened, and produce 4 million ounces of silver each year. As women, we’re not always encouraged to go into such fields so it was great seeing her in her element. Being a miner is a rural, outdoor life style… which means you REALLY have to want to work outside, wear jeans, wear boots all day, and enjoy seeing the fruit of your work each day. You can tell Dana Sue is both passionate about mining and dedicated to it.

Check Out Dana Sue Kimbal’s Story Below

In a world that constantly publicizes reality stars, celebrities, and more I think it’s important to balance things out and shoutout to others we see making a difference.  Not only does our youth need great role models that they can look up to, even us as adults could use the boost of inspiration.  I don’t know about you, but when I see somebody making a positive change it let’s me know that I can too!  I’ve had the chance to watch people I went to school with who are now teachers and investing in our youth, not only with time but also with their own money and resources. I was really happy to see that the Kronos series featured Isheba Barker in episode 7, a teacher that “teaches children to fly”, for that very reason. Other stories that really resonated with me were episode 2 Vanessa Barrett the Trauma Nurse and episode 6 with Catie Boles a restaurant server. Honestly, all the stories were great but it really makes you think about the people we encounter each and everyday and the unknown sacrifices they’re making in their lives to serve us in their own various ways. I’m thankful and inspired!

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Who Are Some Everyday Heroes In Your Life?

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