How to Dress for an Exotic Summer Destination

How to Dress for an Exotic Summer Destination
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Brace yourselves girls – summer is coming! Since you’ve probably been looking forward to it for months, we assume you have already picked an exotic destination to calm your nerves and collect your thoughts after a stressful period at work or school.

What we do known for sure is that packing can be quite a challenge for girls – whether they want to admit it or not, many find it difficult to prioritize and so end up taking everything they own, force zipping it into their suitcases. However, when traveling to an exotic destination by plane, you have to accept the fact that there’s a weight limit and certain things will have to be left behind. If you fit this profile, check out the list of all the basics needed for the ideal summer vacation.

1. Bikini

Have you been working out and watching your diet to get that perfectly sculpted beach body? Then it’s high time you showed it off. And this season, the bolder the bikini – the better. If you opt for a two piece, you have two options: You can either match the bottom and the top, or you can choose to mixt it up a little bit. If the bottom part is in neutral color, than you might spice the combination up with a flashy top and vice versa. Just be careful when mixing prints – there’s a thin line between tasty and trashy.

2. Accessories

How to Dress for an Exotic Summer Destination
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When heading to some of the most famous tropical destinations, you cannot hit the beach unless your look is complete with several statement pieces:

  • Sunglasses – Aside from them being extremely practical in the lands of eternal sunshine, they help define your style. This season, go for the bold round cat eye sunglasses with mirror lenses and make sure you take lots of pics to post on Instagram and make your followers envy you.
  • Hats – They have been popular for a few of season now, and are bound to be for a few more. Just like sunglasses, what makes them such hit is the fact that they are an ideal combo of practical and fashionable. So pick a modern straw hat with a ribbon matching the swimsuit you’re wearing. (Quick tip: If you worry it will get damaged in your suitcase, you can wear it on your head the entire trip, together with your fabulous sunglasses)
  • Jewelry – From big and bulky rings on all of your fingers to the one bold necklace to visually lengthen your figure, all is more than welcome on a sandy runway.
  • Bag – You cannot leave the hotel room without a bag to carry your bare essentials. So before you run down to the beach, check your bag to ensure you brought your wallet, phone, sunscreen and a book or a magazine.

3. Cocktail dress

Important: Don’t forget to bring a stunning outfit to wear for a night out, since you are most likely to spend the evenings dancing in an exclusive nightclub. Whether you opt for a fitted dress or the one that will flutter in the light summer night breeze, it’s absolutely essential to equip yourself with sexy shapewear that accentuates your gorgeous figure. The truth is that these never go out of style. It was Victorians who set this fashion trend two centuries ago, along with those hot corsets that are a must have clothing item for all true fashionistas.

4. Shoes

How to Dress for an Exotic Summer Destination
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To finalize the list with one thing girls never seem to get enough off – shoes.  They can be quite difficult to fit in tight suitcases, so do your best to limit yourself to only two or three pairs. The truth is that all you need are flip-flops for the beach and a pair of espadrilles for a more elegant combination. When it comes to heels, they can be left at home, since they can be quite impractical when on the seaside. But if you do find some space in your luggage, pack a neutral pair, just in case. Better safe than sorry.

Now – ready, set, pack! Exotic destinations are crowded with Kendal Jenner wannabes who have no idea what they are doing and are highly likely to end up on a worst dressed list. But if you play your cards right and pack smart, a few items can make you the trendiest girl on the beach.

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