3 Stunning ideas for short haired women

Short hairstyles become very popular last years, so it is not surprising that lots of women have decided to change their style and go for short cuts. One can say that shortcuts are easy in styling and require no efforts to make it look nice. However, it is not such an easy task as it may seem. Even if you go really short, you still need different styling mousses, pomades, sprays, waxes, and sufficient skills to use it right. Our professionals at Hair Salon in New York offer you three useful hair tips to change your daily routine once and for all.

3 Stunning ideas for short haired women
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Tip #1 Bobby pin 

Short hair doesn’t need lots of accessories, but bobby pin is a vital thing for every girl. Moreover, bright and colorful pins are one of the most popular trends of this summer.  Unfortunately, it is so hard to keep them in place, if you have short hair. Just spritz your pins a little bit with hair spray before putting them in your hair and forget about slippage.

Tip #2 Salt spray

If you want to add texture to your strands, causing no harm to your hair, create your own, homemade salt spray. Simply mist sea salt with water and here you go!

3 Stunning ideas for short haired women
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Tip #3 Wax and pomades 

If you have short hair, you should always be careful with waxes and pomades because they weighed down your hair pretty much.  It would be better to use a homemade salt spray instead.

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