5 Fashionable Ways To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Pet owners have pets for a reason; they love them, and their pets feel like family. However, even if you are a pet owner, you don’t want your home overtaken by your pets. No one likes a home overwhelmed by animal hair or the smell of pets. Instead, you want your home to reflect your personality. Delve into the following five fashionable ways to make your home a pet-friendly space.

Find Fashionable Beds

5 Fashionable Ways To Make Your Home Pet Friendly
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Search for a fashionable pet bed that matches the decor of the room where you’ll place it. You’ll find many options among pet stores, superstores, and online shopping sources. You can find almost any size, shape, color, or pattern that goes with your decor.

Pursue Bad Behavior Prevention

Animals are like children; they have to be taught how to behave, and they need their bad behaviors corrected. Without proper training and instruction, your pets can become quite destructive.

Dogs chew belongings, while cats scratch furniture. You can offer your pup a cute toy box and fill it with balls and toys to keep your pet entertained. To prevent your cat from scratching the furniture, invest in a cat scratcher that matches your decor. Place the item near the furniture your cat likes to scratch and redirect it to scratch the post instead.

Give Your Pet a Bow or Bandana

Two of the biggest complaints that pet owners, as well as their guests, have about pets in the home is the hair and the smell.

You can decrease both of these issues by simply bathing and brushing your pets regularly. The more often you brush them, the more loose hair you will remove and keep from spreading around your house. Add a bow or bandana and let your pet make its own fashion statement in your home.

Get an Air Purifier

Another great way to eliminate pet hair and pet dander from the air in your home is to use an air purifier. Air purifiers pull in air, condition it through filters, and then release it back into your rooms free of hair and dander particles. You can find air purifiers in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, so pick out one that fits in your home.

Although any purifier will work, look for purifiers that specialize in removing pet hair and dander, especially when you have multiple pets or you have one pet that sheds a lot.

Secure a Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you don’t want your cat’s litter box to emit a smell, you need to clean the box daily. Litter boxes are a breeding ground for bacteria. If you can, use clumping litter that contains their waste, so that you can easily remove it from the box every day. Then, make sure you empty the box once a week, clean it, and add new litter. Additionally, you can find self-cleaning boxes that are more attractive for concealing the litter.

You don’t have to sacrifice your home so that you can own pets. Instead, find fashionable ways to make your home a friendly place for you and your pets.

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