Replace or Refurbish: Deciding What to Do with Old Household Furniture

Like most things, furniture gets old. Its once aesthetic appeal slowly diminishes as signs of wear and tear settle in. If you’re thinking about improving the look and feel of your home, then naturally the furniture will be the first thing to be considered. Should you replace those old coffee tables in your living room or would you rather refurbish them? Are you going to invest in all new furniture or are there some pieces that you can salvage? Below, are a few pointers on how to determine what you should do.

Replace or Refurbish: Deciding What to Do with Old Household Furniture

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Does it Still Function?

Here’s a good question to ask yourself about your furniture, does it still function properly? Does your coffee table stand without issue? Does bookcase still hold all your books? If the furniture in question no longer performs its function then you should consider replacing it. For instance, if the current bookshelf in your room no longer holds all your books then you may need to invest in a larger bookcase. Investing in quality pieces such as those from Stanly Furniture company ensures that your furniture is not only functional, but will last a long time.

Is it Still Comfortable?

There is nothing worse than holding onto furniture that is no longer comfortable. An old bed, couch or chair can turn what should be a relaxing moment into an uncomfortable mess. No matter how much you might like a piece of furniture, if it’s going to cause you discomfort, it’s probably best to replace it. If it is no longer comfortable, it is best to replace the furniture.

Is the Damage Cosmetic?

Perhaps your furniture is still structurally sound and functional, however, it’s just not appealing anymore. Torn fabric, scratches, and chipped paint can easily be rectified to enhance the look of your furniture. Therefore, if your furniture simply looks old but still functions well, invest in refurbishing it. A new coat of paint, fabric, or sanding and staining can breathe life back into old furniture while saving you money.

How Difficult is it to fix?

How much effort will it require for you to fix your old furniture as opposed to simply replacing it? Will you need to invest in a lot of supplies? Will you need to view a how-to video prior to starting the project? Do you have any experience in fixing the piece of furniture you want to refurbish? How long can this process take? All of these are imperative to determining whether a piece of furniture is worth refurbishing or if you should simply replace it. Any furniture that will require the purchase of a lot of materials to fix it or will take a lot of time to learn how to repair is probably not worth refurbishing. However, if the furniture is a little damaged and easy to repair, why not refurbish it to save money?

How Long Will It Last?

Old furniture will eventually lose its usefulness. A couch will eventually give out, therefore, unable to provide adequate seating for your guests. A table’s legs may become loose or weak decreasing the number of items you can store on them. A headboard or baseboard to a bedroom set can eventually give out and not hold the same weight limits as it used to. If the furniture is really on its last leg, and refurbishing it will only tithe you over for a little while, it is best to go ahead and replace your furniture with higher-quality pieces that will last.

While refurbishing or upcycling old furniture is the ideal solution for saving money, there are instances in which replacing it is the better option. Remember to ask yourself the above-mentioned questions about furniture in your home. It may turn out that you end up having a mixture of both which is a great way to add a little new to the old.

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