Want vs. Need: 4 Tips for First-Time Home Builders

You want to build your own home, and you have never attempted a project like this before. While this is a lofty goal to pursue, it is certainly one way to define yourself as your own individual. Why buy someone else’s used home when you can build one from the ground up to your exact specifications. At least, this is how many people look at building a home of their own for the first time. Before getting started, here are a few tips that might help you ensure that your building project will be a smooth one.

Want vs. Need: 4 Tips for First-Time Home Builders
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Working with a Real Estate Agent

You may not know this, but a service like Calibre Real Estate or another real estate agent can be a huge asset when it comes to building your first home. Not only can they help you find a decent piece of open land to build your home on, but they can also point you in the direction of other vital resources you are going to need along the way. Real estate agents happen to know people: lots of people. Whether it is a contact at the county building who can help you with building permits or it is a general contractor who can help you with any building issues you might face, working with a real estate agent and people in their network can help you overcome a variety of problems related to your home building endeavor.

Plan for the Family

You might be a young couple looking to settle into a nice cozy home of your own, but one major building concern is what your future family plans are. If you plan to have two or three children down the road, you will either want to go ahead and build with those figures in mind, or design your house to be smaller now with the ability to be expanded later with ease. Either way you decide is up to you, but planning to accommodate for an expanding family size comes with a huge cost factor, and it should be taken into consideration sooner than later.

The Right Piece of Land

When it comes to building your first home, almost nothing matters more than choosing the right parcel on which to put your new home. Not only do you want your home to be positioned on flat ground with a stable foundation, but you will also want to make absolutely certain that the land you choose is not located in a low elevation flood zone where frequent flooding occurs. You can avoid this problem by contacting the local building and zoning office to determine where the higher elevations to build on are in your county. Alternatively, FEMA has flood zone maps available in digital format for people looking for this information online.

Energy Efficiency

The trend these days is to keep it green. This is especially the case when building a home. Energy-saving steps in design, though costly now, can save you lots of money down the road. Having an energy efficient home may also be a stronger selling point later if you ever need or want to move.

Building a home for the first time can come with a lot of important decisions. The more time you take to plan things out, before starting to build, the more likely you will have worked out all the major issues involved with building the home of your dreams. Also, taking your time with the planning stage will make things easier on your contractor and subcontractors too. Do not be afraid to take a little extra time to make sure everything is precisely how you want it when designing the home you want to build for you and your family.

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