Extensive Flood Damage to Your Home: Whom Do You Call?

The USA is likely experiencing the worst year ever in terms of weather conditions. From April to May, the severe flooding and storms have brought billions of dollars worth of damage to different parts of the country. Texas to Florida may be the storm-central of the U.S, but this year even Illinois, Oklahoma and Arkansas were not spared. The erratic weather change has affected over a million homes in the states, and it calls for some expert help to provide the repair services.

Extensive Flood Damage to Your Home: Whom Do You Call?
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2017 is going to be a tough year for the mid-western and southern states. That is why you need the number of a reliable flood and storm damage repair service on your speed dial. If you are lucky, and most of your home has not experienced sustained damage from water logging, you may still be at risk of molds growing in the crevices, basement, crawl spaces and your attic. A huge part of the damage is actually almost invisible to the naked eye. You check this water restoration company to find out where the hidden damage is and how you can fix it at minimum cost.

This year, hurricane flooding is going to be a huge concern, as far as we can tell. It is both emotionally overwhelming to see your house in a battered state and costly to restore it back to living conditions. In this crushing state of mind, it may be difficult for you to find a service that offers the wholesome deal. However, here are a few services that a reliable home restoration company should provide in case of storm and flood damage –

Damage assessment – Experts need proper training and equipment to go into the area of damage and assess the condition. They need a visual clue to plan a strategy to restore the previous state of stability in the foundation, load bearing walls, secure electric connections and drinking water pipelines.

Water removal – This is the first part of the restoration process. Once your restoration company starts removing the water, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Removing the logged water fast is what you need to ensure that the plinth of your home remains strong. Prolonged water logging can rot wood and corrupt the integrity of a structure.

Mold assessment – The walls and studs need complete drying once your restoration company removes all the water. If that does not happen, you are going to get mold in all the hidden places of your house. That is quite a serious problem since the warmth of the regions in combination with the wet conditions lead to a generation of mold faster than you can imagine. Every good and reputable company should have the technology and equipment to deal with mold detection and complete extermination. Decontamination of the basement and crawlspaces is often necessary. Decontamination of the entire house is usually not as common unless you have had severe roof damage from the storm as well.

Monitoring the humidity conditions – most of the times, people are relieved that the adverse weather is over. They are partially right in doing so and rushing back home to check if everything is fine. However, only pumping the water out of your basement or restoring your furniture is not the complete package. Wood loves to absorb humidity from the air. During storms and flooding, a massive portion of your home simply absorbs the water vapors from the atmosphere or directly from the ground. Thus, only getting rid of the water is not enough. Humidity becomes a recurring problem in flood-stricken households all over the country. You need a service provider that can dehumidify your entire home and regularly monitor the humidity levels.

Restoration of your contents – This is the best part of the process since it brings back the old components of your home. From your favorite rug to the coffee table you scored from the art nouveau exhibition, everything becomes new once again. You cannot trust just anyone with such precious contents that make the house your home! Look for companies, which have the best reputation for content restoration services after floods, storms, and similar situations.

Only 48 hours of staying under water can wreak havoc to your wooden furniture, walls, carpet, upholstery and everything else you can imagine. Sometimes, storms and sudden floods cause sewage lines to burst. That is a grave threat to your home and neighborhood. The restoration company should be able to assess the seriousness of the situation, look for sewage leaks, and make sure you are getting safe drinking water after they leave the site. A complete restoration team is not just one guy roaming about with a suction pump. It is a team of technicians, builders, engineers, inspectors, and researchers, who have an idea about the damage a flood and a storm can do to a home like yours. Carry out research to find the best-experienced restoration experts and services in your region.

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