How To Celebrate Your Birthday In Style

How To Celebrate Your Birthday In Style
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So it’s that time of year again – your birthday. Why not do something different for a change because, well, you can? Opt for a birthday in style to show everyone that you mean business. If you wanted to do something in luxury – now is a better time than any.

Here are some ideas.

Cocktails on tap

Who doesn’t love cocktails? They’re delicious and fresh, and come in all different colors. And if you’re not an alcohol drinker – you can customize them to your favorite tastes without the liquor inside. But we’re not talking about making them yourself (unless you want to). Why not call in a team of mixologists to create you the best flavors throughout the day. You can call them to whatever location you’re at, and wait for your friends to be wowed. As well as their taste buds.

Take it further

Who said you have to celebrate in your local area? Go somewhere else and party it up like the celebs. It sounds like a very pricey adventure, but if you book everything in advance, you will be able to grab a great deal on flights and accommodation. Speak to companies like Creative Destination Events and discuss how you’d like your party to be, then all you need to do is arrive and experience the most luxurious bash of your life.

Ditch the tents and go glamping

If you like the outdoors, but don’t appreciate the curious bugs and the peeing in a bush thing – don’t worry – glamping is the next best option. Escape away with your friends and enjoy the cozy comforts of a log cabin, a triumphant treehouse, or a treasured teepee. Listen to some tunes, attempt to make a fire, make some smores, and enjoy a bottle of bubbly while appreciating those wonderful people you have in your life.

Rent a party house

If you love a house party but don’t really have the environment or space to throw one yourself, why not consider renting out a house for the weekend? Get the gang together and go wild! You can benefit from houses with their own hot tubs in the garden and a huge indoor heated pool. Plus, if you choose somewhere that’s remote, you won’t have to worry about turning the volume down when it gets past midnight, because let’s face it – it’s your birthday, and you make the rules.

Gorgeously garden game

This option will all depend on the weather, as it won’t really have the same effect if it’s cold and rainy. But if you know the day is going to be a bright and sunny one, decorate your garden (or someone else’s) with ribbons, flowers, and pretty centerpieces, and invite all of your favorite people. There are many different tricks that you can do for unique lighting and decor that will make the garden so visually appealing that you and your guests will feel like they’ve ventured off to someplace magical.


So have a good think about your options, and make sure you put yourself first. – It’s your day.

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