Brilliant Beauty Careers For Creatives

Are you creative with a love of beauty? Why not consider a job in the beauty industry. You get to help people look their best, while being able to work for yourself if you want to and let your creativity shine. If you’re considering a career in the beauty industry and want to get started in this field here are a few ideas for different directions you could go in.



Estheticians specialise in skincare and give facials and other skin care treatments. These can help to clear up skin conditions or simply pamper and rejuvenate the skin. As an esthetician, you will need to be trained in different skincare treatments, for example, if you do platelet-rich-plasma therapy training you will be able to give ‘vampire facials’. These additional treatments can really help to boost your earnings. Standard esthetician training takes around six hundred hours and then you can get any further qualifications on top of that. If you do training in things like massage too you increase your chances of earning.



Becoming a hairdresser means earning a qualification in a state-licensed cosmetology training program. This will teach you everything from cutting, colouring and styling hair, along with health and safety procedures. Plus it provides you with the skills and knowledge that you need to work in a salon or even for yourself. Being mobile and working for yourself is useful as you have full flexibility so ideal if you have children and other commitments as you choose your own hours.


Nail Technician

Learning how to do acrylic tips, gel nail sculpting, nail art and more is at the foundation of becoming a nail technician. You are required to complete a nail technician training program which will teach you the skills needed. On top of this you again will need to know about health and safety along with things human anatomy. This is because you need to understand how the human hands, skin and nails work and are made up.


Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you could be working with brides to make them look their best on their big day, or in a salon where people who are preparing for special occasions will come. Again, as with other beauty careers, you have the option to work mobile which is great if you want flexibility. You could eventually be working on projects for tv and magazines, making up models and celebrities if you’re lucky.


Brilliant Beauty Careers For Creatives
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Eyelash and Brow Technician

One of the great things about becoming a lash and brow technician is there are short courses available where you can get qualified within a few days. Companies like LVL Lashes and HD Brows offer these kinds of courses. If you’re already a beautician looking for additional treatments to be able to offer, something like this would be ideal. If you’re into beauty, you will know that bold brows and luscious lashes are definitely in Vogue right now.


Are you considering a job in the beauty industry? Of the above, which appeals most to you for a career?

Brilliant Beauty Careers For Creatives
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