How to Manage Anxiety and Depression without Pharmaceuticals

Most people dealing with anxiety and depression have had two ways of dealing with it pounded into their heads: take medication, or “just get over it.” You know that it’s not that easy to “just get over it,” though and you don’t want to take medication. So what other options are there? There are several, actually. Let’s take a look at some of them.

How to Manage Anxiety and Depression without Pharmaceuticals
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Awareness of your thoughts can make it easier to change them. It can also make their anxiety-inducing effects drop, because once you’re aware of them, you can work on countering them with facts. Meditation doesn’t have to be something you do all day, every day, either. Just a few minutes a day, even as little as 5-10 minutes, can be enough to start making a difference.

Get Some Healthy Nutrition

When you’re depressed or anxious, you may go in one of two directions: not eating enough or at all, or eating unhealthy foods for comfort. Either way, your nutrition may be taking a hit and that can contribute to the cycle of anxiety and depression. Take a whole food multi-vitamin, a good fish oil, and make sure that you eat a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet.


CBD is a viable option for treating anxiety and depression. CBD, chemical derived from the cannabis plant, will not get you high. Instead, it will relax you into a state of clear-headed normalcy. Some companies, such as MyCBDHub, know that it will merely provide you with calming effects, soothing your nerves, it also helps you sleep. It can also relieve some of the physical effects of depression and anxiety, such as muscle tension or nausea that you may feel.

Give Yourself a Goal

It doesn’t matter what the goal is, or how big or small it is. Even a goal as simple as “Get dressed today” can be enough. When you feel lost and aimless without goals, this can exacerbate your feelings of anxiety and depression and make things worse. With a goal to work toward, you feel as if you have purpose, and this can lift your mood and get you on the road to feeling better on a regular basis.

Anxiety and depression can weigh you down, making you feel smothered, alone, and lost. With small changes to your diet, your goals, and your daily routine, you can start the journey to better health, physically and emotionally. It won’t happen overnight, but you can pull yourself from the depths and find your way back to happiness and health

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