One of the boons of modern science and technology is dentures, and the right sized right impression dentures can be the best solution for your tooth loss. Economic and easy to get, easy to maintain and change, dentures truly means a lot to people, who have lost a few or all teeth, and yet want to continue with normal oral functions and smiling as they did before.

What you need to know about dentures 

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When you get into a situation where you have lost one or more teeth or suppose all of your teeth, then you really may worry how you would continue to chew, smile, talk, and live a normal life. Loss of teeth and problems with oral health can bring turmoil in basic thinking and confidence, which is enough to disturb life. And a denture, amongst the many options in teeth replacements today, is the cheapest, surest, easiest, and simplest option. That is why, people go for it without giving a much thought. Maintaining a denture, getting it changed in shape periodically, and getting it for the first time, nothing would be robbing you of all your money and anyone can afford it.

Here are some facts about dentures which you must know now:

  • Dentures can be full or partial. The full dentures are for those who have undergone complete loss of teeth. Partial dentures which may or may not be supported by bridges or crowns are for those who have lost a few teeth.
  • There are immediate dentures available too, which are fitted instantly after the teeth removal while not waiting for the gum to heal. And these needs to be removed and changed in shape later, or are replaced with permanent full dentures later.
  • Dentures are taken impression of for making and then fitted only when the teeth less gum has healed totally. This may need a few weeks to months after teeth removal.
  • Dentures can be worn and taken off anytime you desire, and must be taken out every day before bedtime. You cannot sleep with your dentures.
  • Just like normal oral and dental hygiene maintenance, the dentures also need daily brushing and cleaning, and must be kept soaked overnight in denture solution or water.
  • Realignment of dentures after a few months or years of use is common and normal. That’s because the gum shrinks with time, and the teeth alignment changes too. If you don’t change the denture line, then pressure on the gum will fall at the wrong place thus resulting in soreness and discomfort. Therefore, periodic checking, at least once a year is required for denture users.

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  • A well-built denture with periodic alignment correction can last for many years.
  • Dentures may need a re-basing when the base wears off by using for years. Then the teeth part is retained while the base is just changed.
  • Brushing your oral cavity with a soft brush every morning before wearing your denture is a must for health.

If you are planning to use dentures, then you must not try to align them or change anything about them on your own. You must consult a dentist, and fix things else you may break or damage the denture permanently beyond repairs.

Advantages of dentures at a glance

There are some advantages of dentures which makes them a much-preferred choice worldwide even after, so many other teeth replacement options are available now. They are super economic compared to other modes, and you simply need to get your denture checked after some time so that they are in sync with your gum tissues and teeth bones, and functions the best.

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