5 different types of meditation that can help you find Zen

The ancient books on yoga and Ayurveda mention different kinds of meditation. Each of them has different types of benefits. Earlier people thought there was a direct link between brain activity and meditation. Right now, multiple leading research institutes are investing thousands of dollars in running tests and conducting experiments to find concrete proof of the benefits of meditation. Many of these leading teams of scientists and researchers have elicited the positive effects of meditation on our body and our brain.

5 different types of meditation that can help you find Zen
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Modern practice has categorized the different meditation types as per the different kinds of effects they produce. Let us explore 5 of the most popular kinds right here.

Transcendental meditation

The ultimate aim of transcendental meditation is self-awareness. It brings about inner peace, calmness, and confidence. It reduces high levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the body, thereby reducing stress. Many people try to perform transcendental meditation at home, but experts always recommend a guided process. Opting for audio aid is one of the best ways to master this form.


This is an integral part of ancient yoga. It focuses on the dormant energy reservoir inside our bodies, which you can channel towards healing, restoration, and rejuvenation. It has been a part of Hindu and Buddhist teachings for millennia. It teaches an individual how to control and channel their inner energy. Once they find the control, they can experience an altered state of consciousness, where they can heal their own body and mind without external help.


Zazen form of meditation belongs to Zen Buddhism. It focuses on finding inner peace and channelizing intelligence towards self-guidance and self-discovery. Zazen has profound mental and physical benefits. Practicing this form can be a little difficult due to the lack of guidance. However, Zazen has vast mental benefits because it rids your mind of negative emotions, judgmental thoughts and caustic ideas.

Mindfulness meditation

This is a holistic approach towards the increase of cognitive abilities, improvement of memories and enhancement of learning skills. It also comes from Buddhist traditions. It is very effective in overcoming sadness, suffering, and misery. Mindfulness meditation will help you understand the power of your own mind.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a very old form of meditation that increases your ability to relax and focus on any stressful situation. It is ideal for the daily stressful life almost all of us lead. Qi Gong works on posture, relaxation, thinking, and respiration. It is more of an art of wellness that can help you circulate restorative energy throughout your body, by teaching you how to control your breathing. It helps the experts reach into their energy centers and find the necessary energy for inner healing.

Meditation is a constant learning process and art. There are several other forms of it as well and it is quite normal for you to find one form more appealing than the other. Most people find it more useful to stick to just one kind of meditation for a long time. Try as many methods as you can and find the one that suits you best. It will help you combat high levels of stress, yet excel at the daily tasks of life.

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