Reception Ideas: 4 Constructive, Creative Wedding Day Designs

Your wedding day will be upon you before you know it and the reception will be the biggest party of your life. Although the site sets the stage, the design will ensure it is an event that will be remembered for many years to come. It’s important to remember, however, that a themed reception is different than the design elements selected in any reception. Even a themed wedding will have certain design elements. Following are four examples you need to take into consideration.

Reception Ideas: 4 Constructive, Creative Wedding Day Designs
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The Room Layout

Tables and the dance floor need to be set up so your guests don’t feel too crowded. On the other hand, you don’t want too much empty space either since it will diminish the energy in the room. In such a case, you can always close off part of the room with sheers in order to ensure the people attending can feed off each other’s energy. Your gift table should be near the main entrance so guests don’t have to walk around carrying packages while they look for it and place the dance floor in the center of the room. Most importantly, select several focal points and highlight those areas with lighting and décor. The head table, cake table and dance floor are just a few examples.

The Style Desired

The style selected will determine what elements need to be included in the décor, layout, music and many other elements. Whether you’ve dreamed of a formal affair, semi-formal, informal or casual, all design decisions should be dictated by your vision. Formal affairs begin with the floors and ceilings. Cool colors should be in the space or the room should be painted. On the other hand, the more casual the event the warmer the tones should be. Draping sheers from the ceiling can enhance the look of any reception and make it appear as if your event is being held in a cloud. Fairy lights can be added to faux trees and shrubs along with up-lighting. Additionally, focal lights hung from the ceiling can enhance the look of other important elements like the cake table. For appropriate table service, catering services can serve as an excellent resource for your special event. Just remember that the more casual the affair, the less accessories you’ll need.

Include All the Senses

The senses include sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. These senses should all be kept in mind during the design process since they enhance the experience of your guests. Sight is pretty straight forward. Just remember that white is calming whereas colors like orange and yellow invite guests to socialize. The wedding ceremony and then the move to the reception site is hectic enough. Bring calming sounds of the outdoors inside with water fountains and background noises of nature. For touch, by integrating texture into your design your guests will feel welcomed to interact with design elements. The flowers at your event should emit a pleasing odor. However, you can add other scents in the form of real fruit included in accent pieces or scented votive candles on each table. Just as with your wedding colors, you should select a wedding scent you want to include. Finally, taste is one of the most difficult to include in the design process. Caterers are great at providing refreshments and dishes that best reflect the taste of the couple’s personal style. Additionally, floral teas not only hit the taste buds but also enhance the ambiance of the room.

Remember the Day Is about the Two of You

Your personality and taste should fill every corner of the room. Although you may have watched Father of the Bride a thousand times and love the elegant reception, if it doesn’t reflect who you are it won’t be right. Include memorable moments and elements in every corner of the room that reflect you as a couple. You can even have a wall of photos showing your journey from your first meeting to marriage. You can also include everyone by adding an Anniversary Dance after your first dance. The oldest couple dances first then others are added based on how long they’ve been married. Instead of the bouquet toss you can even present the bouquet to the couple that’s been married the longest. Every guest should have a memorable moment at your reception. However, in the end the elements selected should reflect the two of you.

Planning a wedding is not a sprint but a marathon. There are so many elements you want to be perfect on your big day. The key is the ability to delegate work to others that are eager to help. Instead, make the big decisions, share your vision with others, assign tasks then sit back and enjoy your big day. Regardless of the outcome, it will be perfect because the day is actually about the love you share with your significant other.

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