How New Tech Has Made the Workplace More Productive

In order for businesses to be as efficient as possible, they need more than a motivated group of employees. They also need a number of tools that can help boost their productivity and allow them to communicate more effectively with each other. Fortunately, thanks to a variety of innovative technology, business owners can improve their team’s efficiency in a tangible way — check out the following examples:

How New Tech Has Made the Workplace More Productive
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4G LTE laptops

Laptops have always been handy tools in the workplace, due in part to their portability. Now, thanks to the advent of the 4G LTE laptop, these computers are more useful than ever. 4G LTE laptops are always connected, which give employees the opportunity to create and connect at virtually anytime and from anywhere. Featuring built-in 4G LTE cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, employees don’t have to worry about losing a signal when working remotely. In addition, the new 4G laptops, which are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC platform, are thinner and lighter than ever with an all-day battery life that will enable employees to work for hours before recharging. Whether working in the office or on the road, this is a very beneficial tool for businesses to equip their employees with.

Communication software

In order for a workplace team to be as productive as possible, they must be able to communicate. In order to help achieve this goal, business owners have turned to a number of technological solutions that go well beyond basic group emails. For example, a great messenger program that will help to keep the team connected is Chanty. The intuitive chat helps to boost workplace productivity by offering real-time messaging with an unlimited searchable history, tons of storage space, artificial intelligence that identifies key info from chats and audio and video calls. Flock is another team messenger program that allows owners to connect with their team on projects; you can also use Flock to invite freelancers and vendors to chat about specific work and create a different group for each project.

Boost accuracy

It is imperative for business owners to keep accurate records. Unlike the old days when everything was recorded with pen and paper, managers can use a modern-day spreadsheet like Excel and its dozens of formulas, to help keep accurate books. In addition, programs like QuickBooks allow businesses to quickly and easily keep tabs on inventory, pay bills and organize payroll. Instead of having to pull out a checkbook every week to handle all of the company-related payments and do manual counts of available stock, managers and their team can utilize these software programs to handle these tasks in mere minutes.

Track time to make sure everyone is working efficiently

In order to be sure everyone in a business is being as productive as possible with their time, it is important to get a grip on how much time owners and their team are wasting. This is where a tracking tool like Toggl can come in handy. Toggl lets users enter, start and stop tracking tasks very quickly, and time tracking; and it’s built right into the web browser so it’s easy to access. Toggl will give tangible data on how efficiently people are working and allow business owners to see specific areas for improvement.

It goes without saying that a more efficient workplace will be more successful. Fortunately, by adopting key types of innovative technology, including devices like 4G LTE laptops and different types of software, business owners and their teams can use the power of tech to be as productive as possible.

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