According to FJP Investment – Spring is The Best Time to Sell Your Property

It is a well-known fact there is a good and bad time to sell differing types of goods i.e. travel outside of peak times and you will get your holiday cheaper. January sales are the time to go shopping with electrical goods sometimes being the best priced than they have been all year, or even a new wardrobe for the coming season. New cars are typically lower priced during the winter months simply because around the Christmas period it is normally the last thing on people’s minds, but, could this apply to selling your home.

FJP Investment has put together a guide to the seasons for homeowners asking the question – when is the best season to sell a property?

According to FJP Investment – Spring is The Best Time to Sell Your Property
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According to FJP Investment, Spring is regarded as one of the best times to market your property, this is the time when people look to make changes, some of which include moving home, we find that buyers will generally put their properties on the market with the estate agents between February and April, one of the reasons for this is that if they have family they want the sale concluded and wish to move to a new area before the children start new schools in September. Also, take into account properties don’t always look their best during the dark winter months but with spring the flowers in the garden start to look lovely and the home looks good because the lighter days brighten it up.


The market tends to flatten out during the summer months, especially when the children have finished school for the summer break, and there is also the fact that with the new school rulings of not being able to take children out of school during term time; most families have to use the summer for their family holidays, certainly not leaving time for house hunting.


It makes sense then to wait until September time when the housing market starts to pick up, buyers are back from the summer breaks, children are back in school leaving parents to start their house hunting, many wanting to be in their new home before the Christmas period. Whilst this time is not as busy as spring it is still considered to be a viable time to sell or buy a new home.


Jamie Johnson of FJP Investment said, “I am afraid Winter is viewed as possibly the worst time of year to put your property up for sale, although this will of course depend on where you live and your own personal circumstances, but certainly to me the thought of moving during the winter months battling the elements viewing properties and then again doing the same when moving my furniture is not appealing”. 

Most estate agents find themselves drumming fingers on desks waiting for phones to ring. If your property is listed at this time and potential buyers don’t start looking until after the Christmas break they will often be concerned that a property has been up for sale for a long period and this could result in less viewings, so it may well pay to actually take your property off the market and relisting in Spring.

Of course, whilst we have tried to highlight the best and worst times to sell a property you have to sell at a time that is the right time for you and that does not always fit in with the seasons.

However, if you have the luxury of choice then use the above and plan ahead and just maybe you will sell your property quickly for the price you really want.

FJP Investment is a leading provider of UK and Overseas property investments. Opportunities include buy-to-let care home investments.

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