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Taking Time Out

As we get older, we often find that we have less time to ourselves than we might have been able to enjoy in our younger years. You might find yourself in a particularly demanding job, or looking after young children full-time. Whatever the reason, it can suddenly become much more difficult to take time out, yet it is still just as important to do this, if not more so. Here are just a few ways in which you can make time for yourself, even within a hectic daily routine.

One of the best ways to take time out is to do so in small chunks. If you have a spare ten minute slot to yourself, then make the most of it and do something which you enjoy. You might just play an online game of Foxy Bingo, or read a chapter of your book, but even these simple activities can be a good way to clear your head and help your feel refreshed. Avoid working during your commute or on your days off to give yourself a break every so often.

It can also be worth taking time out by booking a short break away. Often, we might intend to spend out evenings and weekends relaxing, but it is far too easy to get caught up in the mountain of tasks and chores that need to be done. Going away for a few days can be a good way to avoid this, and really take time out from your usual routine. Ideally, you may want to think about booking yourself into a spa for a spot of absolute indulgence. However, if you’re on a budget, then why not arrange to visit friends? Simply being in a house which is not your own can often be key in helping you to relax.

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  • MarciaMoore

    I’ve only recently started drinking coffee. I found a brand at Whole Foods in a brown paper printed bag that appealed to me and decided to try it at a recent dinner party. I wonder if our tastes change after a certain age. I’ve never even wanted coffee before.

    • @MarciaMoore I believe it does, when you get older sometimes you can’t handle sweet things and sometimes things you once hated become more tolerable or even good, LOL… our bodies are always changing.

  • i get up early every morning so i can read life after 25 and enjoy my coffee. its a great way to start my day

  • Diana Beatty

    I live with my oldest son so he, his wife and their 3 children leave around 7:30 I get up around 9 so I have the whole day to myself of course I still have chores to do but, I find time to drink my coffee in the morning and all day. I watch some TV but, I also get on the internet to do surveys, enter contest and sweeps give my opinion on different subjects and of course play games. I have time to spend on things I enjoy just don’t get out much to see my daughter and her children and my best friend so i feel kind of lonely at times just thinking about them. I love my family they are most important to me but, I know from raising my own children everyone needs some me time it helps to reflect on your life and to be at peace with your inner self.

  • fly

    thx for share…