6 Scruffy and Sexy Celebrities Who Have Us Stoked for No Shave Movember

While November undoubtedly marks the beginning of the long holiday season in America, that is not the best feature of the month. Thanks to Movember, a month-long event in which men (handsome, manly-men) grow a mustache in order to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, November now means watching the world’s leading men ‘stache up for a good cause. Here are the hottest six celebs to watch all Movember long.


Nick Offerman

Movember Nick Offerman
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Nick Offerman, of Parks and Recreation fame, has become the face of Movember in recent years, leading the way not only with his full and glorious mustache. Offerman actively promotes Movember and has starred in video blogs on how to promote the cause, with mustache-growing tips like:

• Gain the trust of a dog

• Send a hand-written letter

• Eat a raw onion

• Stop shaving your upper-lip

Offerman’s sexy ‘stache is King of Movember, and will blaze a path to a very hairy situation all November-long.


Charlie Hunnam

The mere name of the Sons of Anarchy star is basically synonymous with sexy facial hair. While his impressive beard is perfect for his character, Hunnam cleans up pretty well, making him a swoon-worthy rebel. Be sure to keep an eye on him both on and off the show—he’s sure to make Movember infinitely more enjoyable.


Robert Downey Jr.

Movember Robert Downey Jr.  Iron Man Avengers
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As the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, and someone known for his fabulous goatee already, RDJ is a Movember fan-favorite. With a sharp wit, sexy smirk, and full mustache, even Iron Man gets jealous of Downey’s sex appeal.


Chris Pratt

Movember Chris Pratt
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Yet another Parks and Recreation alum, Pratt has blown up this year with the immense success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and his stint as host of Saturday Night Live’s season opener in September. Often sporting facial hair of one type or another, Pratt is more than capable of growing a swoon-worthy mustache.


Adam Levine

Movember Adam Levine
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Putting the rock in Movember, 2014’s winner for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive is often the King of scruff. Although Levine often rocks the 5 o’clock shadow look, perhaps he’ll switch it up and try his hand at the Grizzly Adams approach. The lead singer of Maroon 5 and star of the singing competition The Voice, Levine is the perfect star to lend credibility to the cause and rock a manly mustache this November.


Benedict Cumberbatch

The British are coming to Movember! Between starring gigs on The BBC’s Sherlock, Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, and a much-buzzed-about upcoming movie, The Imitation Game, Cumberbatch is the perfect Brit to lend credibility (and eye candy) to Movember this year.

This year Christmas will come early in the form of full, fabulous mustaches from the world’s favorite leading men. All you have to do to enjoy this celebration of men is sit back, relax, and, if the mood strikes, eat a raw onion or two for solidarity’s sake. The information for this article was provided by the facial hair professionals at Vintage Blades who offer Rooney shaving brushes, razors, and other shaving accessories.

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