Miracle Fruit: Coconut and its 5 miraculous Forms That You Can Try

Coconut is the fruit that has been known over centuries for its healing properties. This fruit is full of energy and can work as natural coolant during hot summer days. The miracle fruit coconut can be consumed or used as an external application on your skin and hair to get the amazing results. These wonder fruit can be found in following five forms and each of these coconut extracts can be used for different health and beauty needs.


1. Coconut Oil – The coconut oil is high on saturated fat and almost 90% of this oil is saturated fat. The health experts suggest that the saturated fats are not good for heart but when it comes to coconut oil, there are contradictory opinions. The saturated fat in coconut oil is available as medium chained triglycerides or lauric acid which would enhance the HDL levels in your body. Apart from these heart friendly health benefits, the use of coconut oil has proven beauty benefits too. The regular use of coconut oil may get you glowing skin and shiny hair. This antifungal oil is proven to be useful for checking dandruff.

2. Coconut Water – This natural coolant and sports drink has created buzz from several years now. The potassium rich drink is best to be consumed after light workout as it takes care of the electrolyte needs of your body which you may have lost because of sweating. As per the details revealed by Linus Pauling Institute, 1 cup of coconut water has around 600 milligram of potassium. The daily potassium need of the body is 4700 milligram, hence it has been derived that just 1 cup of coconut water fulfils 13% of your daily potassium need. This miracle drink has been internationally accepted as the natural energy drink due to its higher health quotient.

3. Coconut Milk – The mix of coconut flesh and coconut water is coconut milk. It is full of coconut flavor and aroma. It is used in many dishes worldwide but it may also be the matter of big concern for the weight watchers as each cup of this milk contains about 48 grams of fat and 445 calories. The fat rich coconut milk will surely affect your diet goals negatively but the lauric acid in this rich creamy milk is known for enhancing your heart health by opening up the blocked arteries.

4. Desiccated Coconut – It is also known as coconut flour and used in most of the baked dishes and desserts. It is the easiest way to instantly add coconut flavor to just anything and the best part is that you can store it for quite a long time. This coconut powder is quite rich in its fiber content and would provide you with 5 grams of fibers in every 2 spoons. The glycemic index of the baked stuff also lowers considerably by adding this aromatic desiccated coconut to it.


5. Coconut Meat – It is the core of the coconut and highly rich in lauric acid. The coconut meat is high on fibers and low on carbohydrates but at the same time it is loaded with saturated fats. Hence, it is recommended to keep the consumption of this form of coconut low.

Coconut is consumed in varied forms and every form of this wonder fruit comes with some health benefit attached. Include it in your daily diet plan and note the difference.


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Carol is enthusiastic about good health and wellbeing. This piece of writing she has composed on behalf of uspuregarciniacambogia.com, an online store for 100% pure garcinia cambogia extract that helps in lessening weight naturally and safely.

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