4 Leading Approaches for Removal of Skin Tags

Several people suffer from skin tag problems. These are small tumours, which usually show up in the folds of the skin. Skin tags are not harmful but can be painful or can cause skin irritation by constantly rubbing on another skin/clothing.

The most common areas where skin tags usually occur are in the folds of the neck, armpit, etc. These skin tags are usually a bit darker in colour when compared to skin around it. Even though, they can arise spontaneously and at any age, but they usually tend to appear as we age. The majority of patients approach doctors for removal of skin tags owing to psychological effects they create on their minds. Skin tags may cause embarrassment or low esteem in the sufferer when they arise in visible parts such as neck or face.

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There are lots of treatments and medical procedures available for safe and painless skin tag removal. People who want to get rid of skin tags should first consult a doctor and get professional advice for the same. It is advisable not to try removing skin tags yourself as it can cause different problems like burning sensation, irritation of skin, bleeding or discomfort.

The potential complications and risks associated with skin tag removal method or treatment are minimal and are limited to minor scarring. However there can be risk of potential infection, if in case the surgical wound is not taken care of in a proper way.

There are some methods used to treat skin tags problem:

Cauterization – It is a procedure in which undesired skin tissues are burnt with the best quality of tools and equipment. This process can be painful if in case the area around the skin tag is not numbed. In clinic, professional dermatologists use local anaesthetics or other such methods to numb the area first and it will further reduce pain and distress around the operated area.

Cryotherapy – It is a method in which skin tags are frozen by making use of liquid nitrogen. People have mixed reactions regarding this method. As per reports, this method is promising and is less painful compared to other methods.

Tying skin tag with string – It is an age old method followed by people for removing skin tags. This method cuts the blood supply to skin tags, which eventually makes skin tags fall off after a few days.

Cutting off or excision – The professional surgeon makes use of certain equipment such as scissors, clippers and blades to cut off skin tags. At the time of carrying this method, the surgeon may numb the area to reduce pain and bleeding. Besides this, the surgeon may also apply some chemicals to stop bleeding. The patient would be prescribed some antibiotics based on the number and severity of the wound.


Why you should visit professional dermatologist?

If you are facing skin tag problem and want to get rid of it, then you are advised to approach a professional dermatologist. The key consideration in selecting a professional dermatologist is the experience and expertise in skin tag removal.

Thus, with advanced techniques and methods, skin tags can be removed in a safe way.

Author Bio

Daniel Clark, the author of this post is a dermatologist. Apart from his profession, he likes to provide tips and techniques through his posts. Here, he describes about the treatment procedures of skin tag removal from the body.

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