Love Is In The Unexpected; It Is The Above And Beyond

Love Is In The Unexpected; It Is The Above And Beyond

It is the unexpected acts of romance and attention that tend to show your loved one just how much you care about them. It is doing something they don’t expect from you, going above and beyond to make them feel loved, their heart so rich with happiness that – in that instant – they feel as though they could conquer the world.


Whether you are doing it as a grand declaration of your love, to let them know just how much they mean to you or just because you know how big the simple surprises can be, an unexpected gesture is the surest way to make that person smile.

Love Is In The Unexpected; It Is The Above And Beyond


Do The Thing They Hate

We don’t mean do something they hate you doing, like picking your nose in public. We mean you should do that thing they hate doing so they don’t have to. Clean the entire house before they can back from work, do the dishes, clean the bathroom, anything. Find out what they hate doing most in this life and do it for them. It’s only small, but showing that you’ve listened, remembered and taken action so they didn’t have to will speak volumes.

Love Is In The Unexpected; It Is The Above And Beyond

Make A Plan. Full Stop.

How nice would it be to make make a plan instead of debating everything; where to go, what to eat, what to watch. Sometimes all you want to do is switch off and not have to think, which is why you should plan an evening out that you know they will absolutely love. Have everything already planned. The food, the taxi, the date, the everything.

Love Is In The Unexpected; It Is The Above And Beyond


Try And Share Their Pain Away

Everyone has experienced a moment where life tried to dim their shine, where life threatened to change them entirely, giving them that pain they try to push to the back. Trying to share this pain is as big a statement as any. Perhaps they never knew their parents? In which case you could try and find out about their family’s history, maybe even using to find an obituary that tells them something about them they didn’t know. Perhaps they saw what real poverty is like when travelling, in which case you could book a trip to help in some way, building a school or helping at a refuge site. There is no bigger gesture than wanting to share their pain to ease it. It shows you want to understand.

Hide Little Notes Around The Place

Finding little notes hidden in a bag that reads, “I love you”, or seeing a sticky note on the bathroom mirror that says, “you look beautiful”, is going to make their day in ways you never expected. Just look at these ones on It is these little pick you ups –  a little love note tucked into their pocket or a scrap of paper with the word gorgeous scrawled across it – that make someone feel truly cherished. Saying I love you is one thing, but taking the time to surprise them with these words when they least expect – and probably most need it – is something else.

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