What’s On YOUR Bucket List? Da Vinci’s 25 Goals To Living Her Life After 25

We’ve all heard of the movie “The Bucket List” which talks about 2 men who are fulfilling a list of things they would like to do before they die. Now although death is a grim thing to think about for some, living definitely is not. I don’t like to think about the bucket list as things to do before I die, I like to think of it as a list of things to do to have a more exciting, fulfilling, and enjoyable life.

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Da Vinci


With that said I decided to make a bucket list of 25 things and to share it with you all. I hope it will get you all thinking about your own list and encourage you to start living your life to the fullest, after all You Only Life Once!!!


Here is my list in no particular order

  1. -Be A Contestant On Wheel Of Fortune!!!!



  1. -Travel the world; (Must Visit Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Ghana, Nigeria, India, France, Italy, Amsterdam, and more.)


  1. -Host My Own Talk Show On ABC, WeTv, OWN


  1. Go Skydiving


  1. -Get married and have children


  1. -Be a guest judge on one of the shows on the Food Network (Chopped, Cupcake Wars, etc)


  1. -Go On A Cruise


  1. -Start a successful foundation/non-profit


  1. -Be a CoverGirl


  1. -Write a Book Series


  1. -Take A Train Ride Across America and another in Europe


  1. -Start an annual Women’s Empowerment Conference


  1. -List Of People I Would Like To Interview
    1. Oprah
    2. Mark Zuckerberg
    3. Samuel L. Jackson (I’d Like To Know How Many Movies He’s Actually Been In)
    4. Michelle Obama
    5. Kate Middleton
    6. Soledad O’brien


  1. -Go On A Mission Trip


  1. -Buy my first home


  1. Go Horseback Riding


  1. -Be A Panelist At Blissdom, BlogHer, SheCon, Evo and other Blogger Conferences!


  1. -Read The Bible In It’s Entirety


  1. -Learn How To Speak French, Spanish, Italian, Yoruba, Fanti, Chinese, Japanese, & Arabic.


  1. -Learn how to read Aramaic, Latin & languages above.


  1. -Learn how to play the guitar and piano.


  1. -Have A Successful Clothing Line


  1. -Have my own fragrance


  1. -Learn how to shoot a gun


  1. -Be A Guest On The Ellen Show, Live With Kelly, and The View

After making my list it lets me know that there is so much for me to look forward to. The goal of the list is to give you an idea of what things you would like to accomplish, but remember not to allow the list to define you or make you feel inadequate if you’re not able to accomplish these goals.

What’s On YOUR Bucket List?

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