Stop Those Fights Between Your Kids!

We all love our kids, and we would do anything for them. However, there are times when they drive us crazy. You may have a little boy that reminds you of that cheeky chap Bart Simpson, (who for some boys’ I’m sure has become a bit of a role model, but that’s a story for another day).

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You may even have a little girl who has just turned 6, and thinks she knows all about the world around her, and she resists any attempts you make to tell her otherwise. Even worse, you may have one of each that has a strong personality! This is actually a good thing, kids with a bit of confidence should, to a certain degree be encouraged, but it doesn’t help when you’re having “one of those days”.

Take this scenario for instance, your kids are on their holidays from school, it’s raining outside, and gentle banter has descended into pure violence between your kids. This can be a very trying time, and keeping your patience isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, as you try wrestling the latest weapon your son is aiming at his sister away from him.

But, help is at hand! Did you know about interactive books for kids? If you don’t, you’re about to learn, and this could reduce the amount of time you spend chastising your children, and they will learn something in the process. Computers have become as common as televisions these days, and pretty much all family homes will have at least one.

This is all you will need, along with a subscription to a website where you can download books like this. Interactive books for children are taking the internet by storm, and many parents across the country will probably want to kiss whoever it was that thought of them.

This isn’t just about getting your children to sit quietly and read a book, it’s about them getting involved in a story that catches their attention, and teaches them some very important skills as well. Reading, or course, is one such skill, but you want to teach your child the art of concentration and decision making too.

Whatever type of story your kids want, there is an interactive book they can download. When you’re child begins the story, they will be met with a screen full of graphics, cleverly put together animation, and some great learning tools.

Your child can choose to have the story read to them by a recorded voice, or they can read it on their own. There are also some handy things they can do, such as click on a word they’re not sure of, and the program will pronounce if for them. Every-time a word is spoken it’s highlighted on the screen, and I happen to think this is a fantastic idea.

You see, kids are attracted by bright lights, and colors. If words are highlighted, it instantly makes it more interesting for them, and their concentration levels are boosted as a result. In terms of decision making, some interactive books for kidswill reach a turning point in the story. When this happens, the character will ask your child what he or she should do.

The outcome of their decision will depend on how the story ends. This also helps with confidence, (if indeed they needed anymore). The more decisions your child has to make, the easier it will be for them.

The only problem books like this might cause, is a fight over which story your kids are going to read!

Author:Blaine is a blogger who loves writing about children in today’s generation.

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