High Demand Industries: Get Informed!

Maybe you’re about to graduate or considering going back to school. A college degree can have a big impact on your earning potential and chance of success, but not just any degree. The fact is that certain types of degrees will result in more employment opportunities as well as greater income. Especially in this economic climate, it is wise to educate yourself about the types of career paths most likely to result in success.

Degrees with the lowest rate of unemployment are most likely to be in technical fields. For example, unemployment rates are low in the healthcare fields, including medical, nursing, and therapy related jobs. Education, especially for children, is also a good bet, including elementary education, special needs educations, and speech-language pathology. While overall, job candidates with college degrees are less likely to be unemployed than high school grads or people with some college, choosing a lucrative, high demand field can help you beat the job market odds.

Source: BestCounselingDegrees

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