Nurses Impacting the World Through Compassion and Commitment

While nursing has existed for centuries, Ellen Dougherty is credited with being the world’s first RN. A commitment to the wellbeing of a hospital inspired her at an early stage to promote the needs of the institution through sewing bees that led to making sheets and other linens needed. Her philosophy of improving the conditions of the medical institution in which you believe also aided her in the position of pharmacist at the hospital dispensary. A New Zealand citizen, she was the first to become an RN when the country passed the Nurses Registration Act.

Every influential woman in the nursing movement is known for a philosophy that involves caring for the wellbeing of others, whether there is a specific cause or institution at issue. Today, these examples serve as inspiration for those who have compassion for the sick and underprivileged. Some aim their efforts at end of life care. Others dedicate themselves to those struggling for basic necessities. All demonstrate commitment to the care of others.

Source: Best RN to BSN

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