Dave Chappelle vs. Hartford Hecklers… Were His Actions Justified?

So… there are rumors buzzing about one of my favorite comedians Dave Chappelle. He’s been around for a long time but many know him from his show… with that said, any true fan knows that his standup is nothing like the show so when I heard about the hecklers in Connecticut I wanted to know exactly what this was about.

Many people are calling this a Dave Chappelle meltdown but after listening to footage from the event AND reading through a variety of tweets I’ve come to the conclusion that Dave just stood up for himself as a comedic artist. When you go to a movie and people are being disruptive, they can choose to stop the show until it simmers down or kick out the disruptions. When you go to a play or concert the same can be done, so WHY should Dave Chappelle have to continue on stage with people being blatantly disrespectful? especially after he asked them to calm it down…. The funny part is people are saying he walked off… he stayed the entire set and even had playful banter, that alone tells me that he probably would have done his jokes if the crowd would have settled down.

Now I know I too would be displeased if I paid money to see him and my fun was ruined by other patrons, but at the end of the day I have to understand where he’s coming from as a fellow human.

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Let’s Take It To The Tweets:

Take A Look At Footage from the show, You be the judge!

Hartford Oddball Show Part 1

Hartford Oddball Show Part 2

The Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival: Dave Chappelle & Flight Of The Conchords Tickets
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What Do You Think Of The Whole Situation?

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