Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality?

Have you ever wished you knew of a subtle method that would allow you to gain key insights into a person’s character? Does the promise of covertly extracting vital information concerning the agenda or moral fiber of the stranger you are about to interact with sound intriguing? Then why not try teeth reading?

That’s right, teeth reading. An obscure practice derived, for the most part, from the field of dentistry. The data is based on the observations made during interactions between dental staff and patients with teeth in various states of repair.

For instance, it has been noted that sharp teeth tend to indicate a sharp mind, revealing that the person probably possesses technical expertise and are smart, witty, and lean toward the logical and practical. Uneven teeth, on the other hand, with a mix of sharp teeth and blunt teeth; some large and small can denote a penchant for scheming and bullying. like their teeth, they behave inconsistently; sometimes passive, other times hot-tempered. These insights and numerous others can be attained with minimal effort using the scope of knowledge available to a dental assistant.

Imagine in the time it takes to make a person laugh, or flash a toothy grin, you can gain insights about a person’s character, their virtues as a coworker or a client, or even as a prospective lover at a speed dating event.

Via: Carrington College Dental Program

Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality?

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