Sugar in Foods (A Sweet Trap)

Are you aware that your favorite beverages, condiments, spices, and dried fruits may be loaded with fructose? Be extra wary their labels say “fat-free” or “non-fat” (and even “100% juice”), because they are surely loaded with high fructose corn syrup – a cheap sweetener derived from corn.

Fructose is not dangerous if it is consumed in small amounts. But with the staggering amount present in processed foods, you’re getting more than what your body needs. A high-sugar diet can actually lead to a number of unwanted health conditions, such as insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, liver damage, and even cancer.

Sadly, manufacturers are getting their way with the consumers by using misleading labels. They insist that HCFS is “natural and safe” and is equivalent to table sugar. To avoid being deceived, this infographic on sugar foods lists food products and their corresponding fructose content. It also provides two important recommendations that will help you manage your sugar levels.

High fructose corn syrup is the biggest source of calories in the United States, a primary contributor to the rising rates of chronic diseases. Discover which products have it by checking out this infographic on sugar foods.

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