4 Must-Wear Items For Your Next 80s-Themed Party

Everyone loves a great party. There are so many things that make a great party such as a cool location, the right guest list, an incredible DJ (or someone who can make a really good party mix), and so on. Arguably one of the best ways to have an unforgettable party is to have a theme.

Dressing to a theme can sometimes be the most fun part of going to a party. You get to search through your wardrobe over the years, pop into a thrift shop, or even go to a Halloween store to throw something together. 80’s themes have to be one of the best options. There’s always something at home you can fashion into the right style, and Goodwill is basically over half 80’s wear.

You know you can pull off the look, but which style do you start with? Here are four ideas to start your 80’s search.


Fanny Pack

Perhaps one of the most useful of the 80s trends, the fanny pack never really was cool. Nowadays, you can see a lot of the younger generation walking down the streets of major urban centers toting them because they’re “ironic” (a popular yet misused word amongst today’s youth). A well-placed fanny pack lets any man get away with having the benefits of a purse without actually wearing one. If you’re using one at a party, then you’ll have a great place to store everything!


Leg Warmers

One style that has been seen coming to some degree is leg warmers. In this style, they are supposed to be tight over obnoxiously colored leggings. While it wasn’t every day back in the 80’s that kids were walking about in Rainbow Brite remnant clothing, it wasn’t uncommon either. If you want the leg warmer look without feeling silly, you could always go for more muted colors over skinny jeans.

4 Must-Wear Items For Your Next 80s-Themed Party
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Shoulder Pads

Nothing says “power businesswoman from the 80’s” more than a skirt-suit with fantastic shoulder pads. Think Delta Burke from Designing Women. Unfortunately for fashion, they haven’t completely left the scene; but fortunately for you, one should be pretty easy to find at a second-hand store. If you want a brand new one to walk around town, you can still find this style in many department stores.



No 80’s party is going to be complete without someone showing up in a mullet. This is a pretty popular wig style in Halloween stores, since the style always brings a good laugh to any party. Bonus points if you wear tight jeans and a cut-off flannel shirt as well. There are also plenty of ways to work in trucker hats, missing teeth, and many other stereotypes associated with a mullet.

These are four starting ideas, but there are plenty of other ways to approach an 80’s party. You could emulate a celebrity such as Madonna, dress up like Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink,” or pretend you’re a cast member of 90210. Just like back when the 80’s were happening, the only limitation on what you can wear is your imagination.

By Vanessa Vanderson, a lover of fashion and even bigger lover of theme parties for all occasions.


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