Why It’s Better For You To Swim – Swimming Your Way To Good Health

Tons and tons of various fitness exercises exist but for the best overall body workout, swimming trumps all. Swimming is a great source of exercise that works out your entire body working all of your muscles. Through various swimming strokes, one can truly learn how to work every part of their body and engage certain muscles in certain strokes. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and provides great benefits to your body. This infographic called Make A Splash provides great statistics as to how beneficial swimming can truly be on the human body. Make A Splash also discusses how things such as swim spas can help you get into a routine of working your body and staying in top physical shape. Check out some great statistics about swimming including the history of swimming, the health benefits, famous professional swimmers and even celebrities that practice swimming as an exercise.

Adam Perry created this infograph on behalf of Michael Phelps Swim Spas.

Can’t Get To The Pool?

Here’s A Cool Pilates Swimming Exercise

Pilates Trainingsvideo: “Swimming” by BalanceTV

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