Watch Your Late Night Snacks: Foods That May Be Keeping You Up At Night #Infographic

If you value a successful and sound good night’s rest, watch what you eat at least three hours before bedtime. Some snacks and beverages keep you restless and awake and rob you of a peaceful sleep. These items are enumerated and illustrated in the infographic Foods that Keep You Up at Night and most are no surprise. Staying on track will keep you energetic and vital. Watch chocolate, alcohol, heavy meats, fermented food, spicy and fried items, caffeine intake, and excessive fluids (even water). They all have a disturbing impact and are not to be ingested several hours prior to retiring.

Food and sleep health
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In one way or another, they alter circadian rhythm, cause heartburn and slow digestion, and overstimulate the brain. REM sleep is also likely to be affected and middle of the night bathroom breaks will likely increase. When in doubt, don’t indulge. Keeping snacks light is a recommended routine. It is a health priority in so many ways. Steak is loaded with cholesterol, fried foods are full of fat, and chocolate is a high caffeine and sugar repository. These culinary culprits will interfere with your wellbeing as you struggle to staysleep, andin the long run theywill deter you from maintaining a consistent weight.

With a focus on AGC, Elliot Noteware frequently blogs on health subjects. He is the author and designer of the infographic.

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