Ten Easy DIY Welding Projects

For anyone who enjoys do-it-yourself activities, like woodworking or refurbishing furniture, metalworking might be the next step to take in DIY endeavors. A basic electrical arc welder can handle a number of different metals and a basic knowledge of welding is recommended before attempting any welding projects. Along with the welder, safety equipment like a welder’s helmet, insulated gloves, and a protective apron are definitely warranted.

Wire brushes are used instead of cleaning fluids. Learning how to weld can be done by attending classes at a community college or elsewhere. It can just as easily be done through simple practice after utilizing resources on the web that provide the basics. For a little motivation, here are some simple projects.

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This is among the simplest of jobs. The bookends themselves consist of two pieces of sheet steel that are welded along their edges at 90 degrees to each other. The object can then be completed to your own liking by welding a metal decoration, like a tool or hardware, to the face.


An Angle Jig

A 90 degree angle jig can be assembled from a flat piece of metal, two angle irons, and two C clamps. Place the angle irons perpendicular to one another with the flat bar as a connector. Use the C clamps to hold the whole thing together while tack welds are applied. Then the C clamps can be welded to the assemblage.


Horseshoe Wine Rack

A particularly interesting project is a wine rack made from horseshoes. All that’s needed for this fixture is sixteen horseshoes. Six of the shoes, with the open sides facing up, are laid out with three on the bottom row, two in the next row, and one at the top. Then construct a second one. Use the remaining horseshoes to join these two faces together. The image on this website shows the finished results.


Tool Rack

A rectangular frame is welded together from angle iron. Short pieces of iron are added front to back for partitioning and extra strength. Make the dimensions to suit your own purposes. The finished product is then mounted on a wall.


Fire Pit

Constructing a fire pit from 12 gauge steel sheets is not only easy, it gives you the advantage of making it any size you desire. Place the edges of two sheets together at a 90 degree angle and tack weld them. Repeat this step with the other two sheets. These sections are then joined to form an open-end box. Steel rods are welded inside the corners and at the midpoints to provide anchors.



This project can be made of either angle iron or square steel tubing. With the tubing cut to the preferred dimensions, weld these into two rectangles that will provide the sides of the table. Join the sides together at the top corners and place an additional length of tubing across the back for reinforcement. A top surface is then added to create the table.


Shop Stool

Using angle iron, weld a couple of square frames about one foot on each side. One square forms the top of the stool. Attach the leg pieces to the corners of this section. The second square frame is then welded to the legs several inches from the bottom, and a seat is added.


Firewood Rack

A sturdy firewood rack with dimensions of six feet wide and four feet high can be built in a similar fashion to the construction of a table. The difference is that it remains open at the top and has flat iron bars inserted in the frame for extra support.


Wall Shelf Brackets

This easy project just takes two pieces of flat iron bar bent at 90 degree angles. An additional piece of flat bar is then welded between the ends to provide reinforcement for the shelf brackets.


Bike Rack

After building two square frames, one is welded perpendicular to the other at its middle. Metal pipes are then inserted with spacing for front bicycle wheels.

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