5 Reasons The Marijuana Debate Is So Popular

Legalizing marijuana is hot button issue right now and there are a lot of states considering jumping on the band wagon with Colorado and legalizing the drug. So why are we having this talk about legalizing marijuana and not other drugs like heroin or cocaine? Why is marijuana more popular and special? (You surely would want to know more about it through whatsyourvapetemp.com).

Safer Than Alcohol

It’s true, alcohol may be legal across the country but that doesn’t mean that it’s safer. Thousands die every year from alcohol related incidences like drunk driving or alcohol poisoning. You hear almost nothing about marijuana traffic related incidents nor do you hear about marijuana poisoning.


It is interesting how at one time alcohol was illegal during prohibition, but due to the black market and the power it gave crime families it was then legalized again. It’s a very similar situation that we see with the cartel.

Health Benefits

Certain strains of marijuana have actually been used to treat glaucoma as well as certain cancers. The marijuana can ease the pain like a natural pain killer and cannabis can actually help heal and reduce certain cancers. Some call it a miracle drug.

Relatively Harmless

Other than giving someone the munchies, marijuana is relatively harmless. However, some users do experience extreme paranoia which can be a frightening experience, but other than that the drug is close to harmless.

All Natural

Marijuana is composed of harmful chemicals created in a lab, but it is a natural plant that grows in the wild or someone’s basement.

I understand that just because something is all natural that doesn’t mean that it is good for you. Take poison ivy for instance, a natural plant that would be a nightmare to smoke. My point is, that unlike cigarettes, with marijuana there are no man-made chemicals going into your system.

Celebrity Endorsements

From Snoop Dog to Willie Nelson, there is a long line of celebrities who admit to using the drug. Anytime a celebrity endorses an act or a product it becomes widely popular.

Movies and tv portray the use of the drug in a light way as oppose to other drugs. Whether we like it or not we are influenced by media.

More and more it seems as if marijuana is becoming a socially acceptable drug and through time we will probably see penalties go down for users. But, like with any substance, a user can become dependent. Not necessarily addicted, but dependent. Since marijuana has a tendency to be a relaxer it is easy for users to become dependent in the substance.

Like with anything, moderation is the key and if you notice that you or your friend are becoming addicted or dependent then professional help should be sought. Reach out to a drug counselor if you feel you need help gaining control.

It’s hard to be certain what the future holds, but if the trends that are happening now stay in place for just a few more years then we could all be seeing dispensaries pop up in our neighborhoods.

By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a veteran from Texas. Henry is a marketing consultant who works with a rehab in Orange County, CA http://www.stephouserecovery.com/. Henry can be found on Google Plus.

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