How Accurate Are Modern Eye Tests?

Loss of eyesight is a reality for both the elderly, and for young people. There are many different health reasons for eyesight loss in adults and children. One of these reasons is called macular degeneration, which causes loss of vision within the center of the eye.

Another reason people lose their eyesight is glaucoma. Glaucoma is arguably the most common reason that we begin to lose vision as we age. Those who have glaucoma usually report a loss of side vision, which is also referred to as tunnel vision. Cataracts, detached retina and diabetic retinopathy all contribute to loss of eyesight as well. If you begin to experience eyesight loss, it is recommended you book an eye test as soon as possible. That way an optometrist can assess your sight loss and work quickly with you to diagnose next steps. Perhaps laser eye treatment is a plausible option if you fall into this category.

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So, how do you know if a modern eye test can accurately diagnose the reason behind your loss of sight? Let’s take a look at how modern eye tests accurately diagnose issues which limit or worsen your eyesight.

Technology provides eye doctors with the ability to conduct tests which help them to diagnose, and then treat people who experience vision loss. There are some extremely effective tools which eye doctors use to conduct eye tests. For example, an ocular coherence tomographer is a scanning laser which is used to take images from the front and the back of the eye. It is a highly effective instrument because it helps to diagnose and monitor eye diseases. If you suspect that you may be suffering from the early onset of glaucoma, then doctors use an instrument called a digital pachymeter. It helps eye doctors to determine the thickness of the cornea, which is a standard practice when searching for signs of glaucoma.


Another instrument which is used to conduct modern eye tests is called a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope. This modern marvel uses a bright light source which is mounted to your eye doctor’s head. It enables your doctor to see the complete inner area of your eye. Sometimes eyesight issues are not obvious, and this instrument sheds light on inner eye injuries and diseases. However, one of the most important instruments used in modern eye tests is called a corneal topographer. It measures and maps the entire curve of your cornea, and it enables much more precise fittings for contact lenses. Additionally, it helps to diagnose certain types of corneal disease.


The accuracy with which these specialized instruments and others detect eye diseases is nothing short of astounding. Modern medical tests allow optometrists to find out the root causes of eyesight loss before they leave a person completely blind. In the past, many patients’ eyesight levels deteriorated to a level whereby they were left with distorted vision for the rest of their lives. Now patients can choose aggressive treatment, and they now have options such as corrective contact lenses. While many people associate vision loss with the elderly, children are just as susceptible to experiencing a loss of vision. It occurs due to genetics, but it also occurs due to accidents as well. Younger children are especially prone to accidentally causing damage to their eyes through play or by rubbing a substance in them.

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Our eyes are extremely important, and we usually do not recognize how fragile they are until vision loss is experienced. There is a reason why human beings immediately shield their eyes by closing their eyelids, when something threatens to make contact with them. It is an instinctual measure that we take to shield one of the most important parts of the human body. The thought of going blind or even losing partial sight makes most people shudder in fear. The good news is that advances in modern eye tests and treatments ensure that more people now have access to groundbreaking eye treatment designed to help us in our everyday lives.

Once you decide that you need to go in for an eye exam, your doctor will run the necessary tests to rule out each potential issue one by one. Modern tests and treatments give eye patients more options than ever before. Sometimes surgery is not required, and treatment options can be simple. However, it is important to schedule a consultation to receive an eye test from a reputable eye care specialist if you wish to keep your vision sharp for many years to come.

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