Employing Feng Shui for the Bedroom

The most intimate room of the home is certainly the bedroom. The Chinese meaning of Feng Shui is wind and water. This ancient art can be very helpful in bringing relaxation and a sense of calmness to this special room and to the entire home. Here are 5 ways, courtesy of The New Oak Tree, to help you employ feng shui into your bedroom.

Feng shui
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1. Placement of the Bed.

Many may not realize it, but where your bed is located in your bedroom can make the difference between insomnia and restful slumber. Do not place the head of the bed under a window or on the lower end of a sloping ceiling. Avoid placing the bed under heavy beams overhead and do not have anything hanging from above the bed. The bed should be accessible from both sides. The best placement would also not allow the feet to directly face the doorway unless there is a screen or another piece of furniture to divert the incoming chi, meaning the circulation of energy, from the outer hallway or room.

2. Bedroom Furniture.

Once the placement of the bed has been determined, the remaining furniture can now be positioned in the most beneficial manner. Aim for balance and harmony and consider the chi flowing through the room to be like water. No sharp corners of other furniture should face the bed. If possible, consider a small sitting area in the bedroom, with a small table and cushioned chairs, and complete the arrangement with fresh flowers to enhance marriage and harmony.

3. Mirrors.

Mirrors activate too much chi and this is not conducive to restful sleep. Generally speaking mirrors should be avoided in the bedroom.

4. Televisions and Electronic Devices.

Sleeping with the television or other electronic device on or watching too much television before sleeping can cause depression. If you must have a television in the bedroom, it is best to limit your time and keep the set in a closed cabinet when not in use.

5. Closets

If possible, keep your closet filled with attractive clothing that you love. Decorate the closet or walls surrounding the closet with pictures indicating abundance. Placing a standing plant by the wardrobe at either end generates chi.

Remember that clutter in your home is equal to clutter in your life. Do not allow your clothing or other items to be left on the floor. If you are married, enhance your bedroom with art and paintings, which are suggestive of love and peace.

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