3 Fall Football Fashions Tips for the 2015 Season

It’s finally that time of year again – football season. Whether you’re a fan of high school, college, or professional football, weekends are about to get a lot more interesting. And while some people are left asking questions like, “How’s our team going to be this year?” Others are focused on another important question, “What on earth am I going to wear?”

3 Fall Football Fashions Tips for the 2015 Season
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Fashion Considerations

Football fashion varies dramatically across the country. Much depends on the geographical location, the team’s colors, the level of competition, and where you’re watching the game. If you’re unsure of what to wear this fall, you need to start by considering the following:


Start with the geographical region. Each area of the country has very distinct football fashions and you should be cautious about mixing styles. For example, football fans in the Southwest tend to be more relaxed. Some daisy dukes, flip-flops, and a spirited t-shirt is always acceptable. Don’t try that down South though. Tailgating in SEC college football country means getting dolled up and putting on a dress. The Southwest and South represent the two opposite ends of the spectrum – with most other regions falling somewhere in between.


Weather also plays a major factor. A game in early September feels a lot different than a game in late November. Just like the leaves, fall fashions change over the course of the season. Always keep an eye on the weather when planning a football weekend outfit.



Finally, you certainly have to think about the venue. Are you actually going to the game, or are you attending a viewing party? If you’re attending a viewing party, is it at a local dive bar or your boss’s house? Fashions change with the venue, so keep this in mind.

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3 Football Fashions Tips for this Fall

Keeping these three factors in mind, here are some of the top football fashions for this season:

  • Make the shoes count. What you choose to wear on your feet can really pull an outfit together on game day. You need to think about both fashion and functionality. A nice set of team-colored pumps with neutral-colored pants can push an otherwise conservative outfit to the next level. According to famous Ole Miss graduate, Leigh Anne Tuohy, you should bring out your best pair of shoes. “I am going to hold off on flats as long as I can.”
  • Leave off the logo. If you’re attending an upscale football-viewing event, it may be best to leave the team logos behind. Instead, opt for an outfit that contains the team’s main colors. This is a classy way to show who you’re rooting for, without looking like you belong at a sport’s bar.
  • Rock the jersey. If you’re attending the game or heading to a low-key tailgate, you can never go wrong with the team jersey. However, if you’re going to rock the jersey, follow a few simple rules: (1) Avoid tucking it in, (2) Never wear the jersey of a team that isn’t playing that day, and (3) Make sure it fits well (i.e. not your boyfriend’s jersey that’s three sizes too large).

Once you’ve got your outfits planned, only one question remains:

Are you ready for some football?

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