Be Ready For The Oscars With Movies On Demand! #Giveaway

I don’t know about you guys but every year I always say I want to make sure I’ve seen all the Oscar movies before the Academy Awards show.  I feel like when you haven’t seen every movie, it’s almost hard to make an unbiased decision of what should win or not. This was increasingly important to me as we began to scrutinize the lack of diversity in the Academy.  With that said, there’s a great new way for you all to be able to be ready for the Oscars and watch all the nominated movies before this Sunday!  And the best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

MOVIES ON DEMAND (MOD) on cable is the place to go for the most current films making their television premieres. You can find the newest titles from every major Hollywood studio and all the important indies. You can use MOVIES ON DEMAND with any cable provider you have, I use mine a lot on Xfinity.


Just press the On Demand button on your cable remote, scroll through the movie artwork, select your title and watch on your beautiful home screen.  No passwords to remember, no wires or alternate screens to connect. You can search themed folders such as new releases, library titles, action, drama, comedy, kids, etc. You can watch any trailer before ordering.

So easy to use, convenient AND for the vast majority of titles you can rent and watch for 48 hours, and some for even longer. Which means if something, like life, happens it won’t disappear after one day lol. And if you want to get a little more interactive with the Oscars and some friends be sure to check out the Movies On Demand Oscars Pool where you can create your bracket for movies!


To help get you Oscar ready, we’re giving away 10 (TEN) $5 MOVIES ON DEMAND credits!

Your Life After 25's $5 Movies On Demand Credit Giveaway! #Oscars

Here’s A List Of Movies with nominations available On Demand now:

The Martian

Inside Out

Shaun the Sheep Movie



Straight Outta Compton

Bridge of Spies 

Writings On The Wall 


Steve Jobs





Brooklyn – 3/15

For A Full List Of Nominees Click Here

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