5 Ways To Repurpose Old Doors

Getting rid of old furniture can seem like a great idea when you’re updating your home. But you may want to hold off on throwing out any old doors you no longer need.

Windows and doors of your house can be repurposed into a wide range of practical and stylish items for your home.

Doors can be used to create anything from a new dining table to a decorative piece of art. Knowing the different options available to you helps you take an old door and turn into something special.

Dining Table

Old doors make great tables. And if you’re looking for a unique dining room table that makes a great conversational piece, then using an old door will do the trick. Using some simple materials and tools makes it easy.

Using an old door, a beveled-cut piece of glass as the tabletop, and some table legs that can be found at any home improvement shop is all you practically all you need for this project.

The tools you’ll need include a drill, screws, a pocket-hole jig, chop saw, and some paint and brushes. Your guests will marvel at your creation the next time you have a dinner party in your home.

Office Desk

Similar to the dining table, an office desk is the perfect repurposing project for an old door. It can be constructed in a similar fashion using four independent legs or supported by two storage units such as the cabinets of a previous office desk.

Using a glass tabletop lets you create a level surface will also making it easy to place a calendar, photos, and any other items underneath for practical and decorative purposes.

Home Shelving

Old doors can be used to create a unique shelving system for your home. Using the door as a backboard, you can install individual shelves along the door.

It’s a good idea to paint or treat the door as you’d like before attaching the shelves. This gives you a chance to get creative and design a look to match the items you’ll plan to store there.

A shelving system made from an old door can be used to store books, art, or family portraits. You’ll discover other possibilities once you get started on this simple project.

Picture Frame

Some old doors make wonderful picture frames. The door can be hung horizontally on a wall and its panels can be outfitted with individual portraits. You can cover each picture with a separate piece of glass or install one large piece over the entire door.

The door can be painted to match the decor of the room in which it will be placed. This lets you create a beautiful and customized picture display for your most cherished memories.


One of the easiest ways to repurpose an old door is to turn it into a headboard. There are a few ways you can do this depending on the size of the door you use.

A single door can be cut in half and painted. The two separate pieces can then be placed side by side as one headboard for your bed.

Another option is to take two old doors and place them together to create a larger headboard that gives you more room for design and creativity. Old doors transform the look and feel of your bedroom.

These are 5 ways to repurpose old doors and give your home a new look. Using some basic household tools, a little bit of creativity, and an old door provides you with a wide range of options to upgrade the look of your home.

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