How to Choose the Best Leg Massager for Runners

How to Choose the Best Leg Massager for Runners
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Being a runner requires using the appropriate sportswear and equipment to ensure safety and avoid possible injury. Running is a strenuous activity that can harm the muscles, thus runners need to spend quality time to relax the legs and let muscles to recover. There’s different equipment that can help relaxing the muscles to eliminate the pains and aches and a leg massager can be the best option. This equipment is great to help the runner with post-run recovery and injury prevention. Here are some recommended leg massagers to choose from:

Massage Ball

If you’re looking for a great leg massager for runners, you can consider the Orb. This blue ball can do wonder in relaxing the leg after some time of running. This blue ball is a perfect choice if you want a dense tool.


A roller is a best buddy for runners because of its efficiency and simplicity of usage. You can choose either the hand-held rollers or the longer rollers so that you can easily target the spot that experiencing lingering pains and aches. Another type of roller is the foam roller that is effective in taking care different soft tissue injuries. Many runners are using a foam roller because it alleviates the soreness and tightness of the leg muscles.  Aside from reducing the pain, the foam rollers also help in increasing and stretching the core muscle strength on your legs at the same time improves the blood circulation.

How to Choose the Best Leg Massager for Runners
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Foot Massager

Aside from the leg, it’s also necessary to massage the feet after running. The foot massager is very portable and easy to use even you’re working. All you have to do is to place it under your desk or let it sits on the floor and let your achy feet roll out. It targets the arches of the feet to make it relax after the training.

Massage Chair

Even sitting the whole day at work is unhealthy for the legs. What more if you’re having a running training session every day? Obviously, sitting in massage chair is the best option as it won’t only relax the muscles in your legs but also keep a smooth blood flow throughout your legs

Stick Massager

Another equipment that can help runners to reduce muscle pain, stiffness and soreness is the stick massager. You can roll the stick on your own and it is effective in loosening up the tight leg muscles. Choose the one that will work best to your needs.

If ever you don’t have any of the equipment mentioned above, it’s no big deal because you can use a tennis or golf ball. Just like massage rollers, this massage tool can release the muscle knots. All you have to do is to roll the ball on your legs and apply consistent pressure.

In choosing the best leg massager for runners, you need to consider several pointers including the following:

  • It should be effective in reaching and massaging the target areas.
  • It should portable so that you can take it along conveniently.
  • Must be durable and cost-efficient.

In choosing the best leg massager, you need to start from the basic. The brand of the equipment does not guarantee that it will suit to your needs. The first thing to consider is that it should be comfortable to use and can stimulate the muscles and nerves on your legs. Don’t choose a massage tool that you can’t use in the long run.

If you don’t have any idea about choosing the right leg massager, the best thing to do is to seek help from an expert. You can also ask your fellow runners so that they can give idea about the equipment or tools that they use in massaging the leg muscles. It’s important to provide good care to your legs in order to avoid potential risks that can prevent you from running.

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